16 Best Instagram Growth Services for Organic Followers

16 Best Instagram Growth Services for Organic Followers

Do you want to grow your Instagram account? Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels, so having a strong presence on this platform is important to many businesses, brands, and everyday people. You need more followers to have reach and it is not an easy thing to accomplish. 

Updated April 18th 2024

That’s why so many users invest in an Instagram growth service to help them increase their followers.

Some growth services will sell you fake followers that will hurt your account in the long run, but there are a number of quality Instagram growth services available today that will organically and safely grow your following. Check out the best growth services for Instagram to grow your online presence. 

These are the Top 16 Growth Services for Instagram:

      1. Social Buddy
      2. Kicksta
      3. Social Sensei
      4. Ampfluence
      5. Combin
      6. Upleap
      7. Instamber
      8. Instazood
      9. Mr. Insta 
      10. Instarazzo
      11. Flock Social 
      12. Tree Frog
      13. Firing Table
      14. Social Captain
      15. HypePlanner
      16. Viral Race



Social Buddy – #1

social buddy

Social Buddy is one of the best Instagram growth services available today. Our research picked Social Buddy as the #1 growth service providers for Instagram users based on results, safety, and pricing.

This growth tool uses organic growth to increase your Instagram followers gradually and naturally over time. Unlike many Instagram growth tools, Social Buddy helps you find real followers – not fake accounts or Instagram bots. 

Not only does Social Buddy help you grow your following on Instagram, but it also helps to improve your engagement. Social Buddy uses advanced targeting to find followers that will actually be interested in and engage with the content you post on your account. 

They use targeting factors like your location, interests, hashtags relevant to your account’s niche or industry for businesses, and more. Social Buddy also targets followers based on your competitors or influencers in your niche. 

While some growth services are bots, Social Buddy is run by real people. Every client gets a support contact, so you can ask questions via email, phone, or chat. Social Buddy is a safe and reliable Instagram growth service. 

Social Buddy Features: 

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Advanced AI targeting
    • Increased engagement
    • Account manager support
    • Easy sign up process
    • No commitment – month to month 


Our Test:

After researching several Instagram growth services, we found that Social Buddy was the most effective and safe, especially at its price point, but we decided to run a few test accounts. The results are below; they show a steady increase in monthly followers (1500-3000 per month) and improved engagement.

instagram growth stats in 2024






Kicksta is a popular and powerful Instagram growth tool. This service offers organic growth without the use of bots, spam, or fake followers. With Kicksta, you’ll receive real followers that are also relevant to your account. 

Kicksta uses AI technology to find, target, and interact with potential followers on Instagram. When you sign up with Kicksta, they’ll ask for the names of your competitors on Instagram, relevant influencers in your niche, complementary brands, and other targets. 

Then, they target accounts that follow those competitor or complementary accounts, working under the assumption that they will be interested in your brand as well. Kicksta will automate following and liking other people’s posts – then, those accounts are more likely to follow you back and engage with your content as well. 

Through AI targeting and automated likes and follows, Kicksta can organically grow your Instagram account. There is a standard plan and a premium plan available, but you’ll have to spring for the premium plan if you want phone support or more advanced targeting. 

Kicksta Features: 

    • Organic, steady Instagram growth 
    • AI targeting
    • Easy sign up process
    • No commitment – month to month



Social Sensei

social sensei

Social Sensei is another great Instagram growth service, used by many businesses and personal accounts online. This growth tool works not only for Instagram, but also for Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, and Pinterest. 

Social Sensei uses real, human growth – no bots, no scripts, no software, and no fake followers. They are committed to long term growth. All clients get a dedicated profile manager that learns about your account and your goals to create a long-term plan. They offer a full social media marketing plan, not just followers. Signing up for a full package can include followers, content strategy, content creation, and more. The process begins with a free consultation to discuss your goals and your brand. 

Social Sensei uses advanced targeting to find followers who are likely to follow and engage with your content. This Instagram growth service is organic. Businesses can also enjoy a social media strategy and business plan to turn followers into leads or conversions. Plans are expensive, however, ranging from $95/month to $995/month and up for businesses. 

Social Sensei Features: 

    • Organic growth strategy
    • Advanced targeting
    • Account consultant 
    • Social media strategy
    • Content creation





Ampfluence is another top-notch Instagram growth service that promises to amplify your influence on Instagram. Like all the best Instagram growth services, Ampfluence ensures organic Instagram growth and real followers, not fake accounts. 

Ampfluence does not use bots or “gimmicks” and is a 100% human run service. They aim to grow your followers without any bots or automated software. Instead, they focus on quality followers and targeting. If you sign up with Ampfluence, you start with a consultation to learn more about your account, your brand, your goals, and the types of followers you want to target. 

After the consultation, Ampfluence’s team does research to find the right accounts to target, based on competitors, industry leaders, social spheres, and more. They’ll engage with other accounts for you to create relationships that will organically grow your followers and your engagement rate. 

Ampfluence is a safe Instagram growth service like many others on this list, but it is on the more expensive side. Plans start at $129 per month, but there’s no commitment so you can cancel at any time.

Ampfluence Features: 

    • Organic growth
    • Research based audience targeting
    • Increased engagement
    • Email support 
    • Reporting (only available with second and third tier plans) 





Combin is both an Instagram growth service and a content planning solution and post scheduling tool. You can choose to purchase Combin solely for Instagram growth, just for scheduling, or for both growing your following and planning and scheduling your posts. 

The Combin growth tool works by targeting, engaging with, and growing your follower count on Instagram. They offer plenty of filters to target the followers that are interested in your content, and therefore are more likely to follow back and engage with your posts. This platform uses machine learning to find and target quality accounts to engage with. 

Combin also includes audience management, so you can see who doesn’t follow you back and bulk unfollow them. It also automates repetitive actions, so you can engage with multiple accounts and posts at once to enhance engagement. Bulk follow, unfollow, like, and comment on accounts and posts in batches with Combin. 

You can manage multiple Instagram accounts at once with Combin, or focus on one. They offer a free starter trial, or monthly options for personal or business accounts. 

Combin Features: 

    • Instagram audience management
    • Targeting filters
    • Bulk actions and engagements
    • Automated repetitive actions 
    • Free trial
    • Scheduling tool (sold separately) 





Upleap is another popular Instagram growth service offering organic growth and personalized attention. When you sign up with Upleap, you’ll get a dedicated manager to manage and grow your Instagram account for you. The platform claims 300% faster growth with their tool. 

Upleap only finds, follows, and engages with real accounts, so you won’t have a follower list full of unengaged, fake followers. They promise real results to improve your Instagram brand, whether it’s a personal account, a business brand, an online store, or any account. They have clients from varied industries. 

Once you sign up with Upleap, you’ll be set up with an account manager. Work with your account manager to target competitors, relevant hashtags, or whatever type of followers you think would enjoy your content. Then, sit back and watch your account grow while you continue to post content. Upleap provides smart targeting that will boost your engagement. They’ll even view Instagram stories for you to make your account look more active and engaged with followers.

Upleap offers a free trial, but it only lasts three days. After that, you can choose from monthly or yearly packages, with options for the Lite plan, Standard, or Premium. 

Upleap Features: 

    • Organic growth methods
    • Dedicated account manager and support
    • Automatic story watching
    • Increased engagement 
    • Free trial (3 days only)





Instamber is a growth service for Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, so you can manage all of your social networks on one platform. On Instagram, Instamber works as your marketing assistant, engaging with your target demographic audience on your behalf. This way, you can focus on creating interesting content to keep your followers intrigued and engaged!

Instamber has an intelligent targeting system to find the right audience for your account, so with automation your account will steadily grow. You can track your progress with Instamber and adjust targeting from their user-friendly dashboard. Their targeting algorithm uses artificial intelligence to work on your behalf. 

Instamber works 24/7 on your behalf, so you don’t have to waste a minute on repetitive tasks like outreach and engaging with followers. By automating following, liking, commenting, and watching stories, you can keep your Instagram active while focusing on growing your business. 

Instamber Features: 

  • Automated actions for natural growth
  • Intelligent targeting based on hashtags, location, gender, language, and rival accounts
  • User friendly dashboard for analytics 
  • Expert support
  • Account security and compliance





Instazood is another great marketing tool that drives followers to your Instagram profile. Another of the best Instagram growth service providers out there, Instazood uses automation to attract Instagram users to your account. Let this tool work as your social media manager and watch as account growth takes off!

Like other services’ growth strategies, Instazood uses the follow/unfollow and liking method to grab users’ attention towards your Instagram profile. Instazood can also automatically view stories for you, send DMs to say hi to new followers, or even post on your behalf. If you don’t want this growth platform to take certain actions, however, you have full control of your account. You can set filters and customize your accounts actions.

Instazood is easy and safe to use, with a mobile friendly website and app to track your progress. Filter your targets by audience demographics, hashtag suggestions, or geolocation with ease and this Instagram bot will do the rest.

Instazood Features:

  • Marketing automation growth strategy
  • Niche audience targeting
  • Filters and customization 
  • Customer service
  • Post management and scheduling



Mr. Insta 

mr. insta

Mr. Insta is the best Instagram growth service to get followers for free – at least for two days. Their two day free trial gives you a hint into their Instagram marketing strategy offered in their premium service. With Mr. Insta, you can buy any number of followers. Your follower base grows gradually, however, so it still looks like a natural growth strategy.  

Mr. Insta offers an easy Instagram growth plan, with options to buy anywhere from 250 to 10,000 followers. Growing your Instagram is easy with this social media marketing tool. They also sell Instagram likes, story views, and more, so you can get various marketing services on one platform with this Instagram bot. 

If you’re looking for quick results, Mr. Insta can help grow your fan base steadily. They even offer “Free refills” – if you lose followers after delivery, they will refill the number you lost. This Instagram bot also offers services for other social media platforms as well, like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. 

Mr. Insta Features: 

  • Buy Instagram followers, likes, and more
  • Slow, natural delivery 
  • Refill guarantee
  • Two day free trial





Instarazzo is another great tool to help your Instagram marketing efforts. This platform uses an organic growth strategy to attract followers to your account. Instarazzo has helped to send clients thousands of followers, and they can do the same with only a little effort on your behalf.

When you sign up, Instarazzo acts as your automated marketing agency, liking, following, and commenting on your behalf to engage with other Instagram profiles. They target accounts in your niche, so your audience is more likely to follow and engage back! Instarazzo can also offer auto direct messaging, post scheduling, and comment management. 

You can manage multiple Instagram accounts on one dashboard with this service provider. They have a great support team with a focus on client satisfaction, so you can rest assured that your account is in good hands. This cloud based service can be accessed easily from your phone, so you can always adjust targeting or cancel at any time. Consider trying their 3 day free trial as a test!

Instarazzo Features: 

  • Instagram growth through follow and liking methods 
  • Auto DM, post scheduling, comment management 
  • Niche audience targeting
  • Manage multiple accounts on one dashboard



Flock Social 

flock social

Flock Social is another reliable growth tool for Instagram, and they promise no bots, ghost followers, or fake accounts. The goal of the team at Flock Social is to help create authentic relationships with new followers online – it’s not just about follower count.

Your fan base will actually grow with Flock Social, as they use real engagements and targeted followers to improve your presence on Instagram. Their goal also includes conversions, so you can drive leads, sales, or other KPIs for your business. 

Sign up with Flock Social is easy, so you’ll be ready to start growing in only minutes. Growth is guaranteed, and many users report thousands of new followers over time!

Flock Social Features: 

  • Natural growth
  • Real engagements 
  • Targeted followers
  • No ghost followers, bots, or spam 



Tree Frog

tree frog

Tree Frog is another Instagram growth service promising its users organic growth over time. Run by a team of social media gurus, Tree Frog is results driven and aims to improve your Instagram following as well as engagements

Tree Frog offers audience targeting based on your account’s industry, niche, or general topic of your content. They target based on account you give them – simply supply 5 accounts similar to yours (either competitors, related brands, or whichever you see fit) and the Tree Frog team will use those to find the right followers for your account. 

Setting up your Tree Frog account is easy and fast. Once you’re set up, you can sit back and wait for followers, likes, and comments to roll in while you continue to post quality content. Growth will likely be slow, and some reviews say that they’d prefer a faster service, but Tree Frog is one of the more affordable options, so it’s good for those on a tight budget. 

Tree Frog also offers a Twitter growth service. While there isn’t a dedicated agent assigned to every account, you can submit support tickets on their website for help or questions. 

Tree Frog Features: 

    • Organic growth
    • Audience targeting
    • No commitment – month to month
    • Easy set up
    • Twitter growth service also offered



Firing Table 

firing table

For a low weekly cost, Firing Table becomes your own personal Instagram account manager. You’ll still be fully in charge of posting, of course, but you’ll have a social media team working 24/7 on your account on your behalf. Firing Table automates your engagements, so while you focus on creating great content and growing your business, they’ll grow your follower base. 

With Firing Table, there’s no set number of followers you’ll receive, nor are there any limits on how much your account can grow. You set the targeting parameters, so the Firing Table team only engages with accounts that fit with your goals, niche, and audience demographics. 

Fighting Table offers various plans on a weekly basis, and you can cancel anytime, so there’s no long term commitment. Their three plans include a personal plan, professional package, and business package. With the professional option, you get faster, increased interactions and priority support, and with the business plan you get automatic DMs and comments. 

Firing Table Features: 

  • Organic growth strategy
  • Automatic engagements on your behalf 
  • Custom targeting
  • Weekly packages with various options to fit your needs



Social Captain

social captain

Another solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable Instagram growth service is Social Captain. This tool “automagically” grows your Instagram account to bring in more followers, better engagement, and all around growth. They use automated and targeted Instagram marketing to increase your follower count. 

This service will act as your Instagram assistant so that you don’t have to worry about outreach. They use AI-powered targeting and claim that it is 150x more efficient than manual interaction. Social Captain works with brands, online stores, and personal accounts alike. 

When you sign up, pick accounts, competitors, hashtags, and locations to target on your dashboard, and they take care of the rest. As your account grows, this Instagram growth service will also automatically send direct messages to your new followers, creating positive relationships. 

You can try 30 days and see if you like it before making a purchase with the free trial. After that, you can choose between weekly, monthly, or annual packages (annual comes with a 35% discount compared to monthly, but it also means you can’t cancel after a few months and get your money back). They also offer a turbo plan for supercharged growth. 

Social Captain Features:

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Automatic messaging
    • Easy set up
    • Free trial 
    • Weekly, monthly, or annual pricing options





HypePlanner is an Instagram growth service that promises a “massive global fanbase” on Instagram without much effort on your part. Their Instagram experts claim to be able to grow their client accounts with 1000s of new followers monthly, and not fake followers but real, engaged Instagram users. 

When you sign up, HypePlanner will ask for targeting information about your ideal target demographic and information about your brand to enhance their targeting. They’ll come up with a custom plan for your account and immediately start engaging with your target audience to increase your Instagram followers and get even more engagements back. 

HypePlanner offers 24/7 customer support and a money back guarantee. Reach out to your customer representative via phone, text, or email at any time. HypePlanner is run by real humans, so every decision on your account is made by a real person with your account’s growth in mind. 

HypePlanner is a quality service, but it is on the pricey side. They do offer discounts for agencies or anyone in need of multiple accounts. 

HypePlanner Features:

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Increased, automated engagements
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Research based targeting
    • No contracts – month to month



Viral Race

viral race

Viral Race is another Instagram growth tool, but it operates a little differently than most of the Instagram growth services on our list. With Viral Race, the focus is one likes more so than followers. This tool sends automated likes to your post shortly after you publish it, slowly building up the likes so that it looks natural. 

The likes provided by Viral Race come from real users, so you don’t have to worry about bots, spam, or fake followers clouding your account. Not every post gets the exact same amount of likes, so it looks natural. You can also adjust the speed at which likes pour in. If you post a video, Viral Race will also inundate it with views. 

When you post with Viral Race, the service automatically detects the post and begins sending likes. There is no limit on the number of posts it will send likes to monthly. The idea behind this like service is that your posts can go viral and your account will look more legitimate and popular, which will prompt other accounts to find and follow you more easily. 

Viral Race comes with 24/7 customer support, and you can choose different plans to determine, on average, how many extra likes you want. This service is more affordable since it does not send followers directly to your account, but it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Viral Race Features: 

    • Automatic likes and views
    • Natural looking growth
    • Adjustable speed
    • 24/7 customer support
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • No commitment – month by month 



How To Choose an Instagram Growth Service Provider 

We’ve listed 16 of the best options for Instagram growth, but how do you know which one to choose? There are a few factors you should consider when looking for a service to help you get more Instagram followers. 


Growth Strategy

How does each marketing tool help you get followers on Instagram? Make sure that you look into the growth strategies used to ensure that they will work, and also to ensure that they comply with Instagram’s Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines. Breaking Instagram’s rules can hurt your account, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve! 

Many growth services brand themselves as “organic”, which means that you will get a slow, steady stream of Instagram followers rather than a huge number all at once. Natural growth methods are the safest option, as they tend to follow Instagram’s guidelines. Even influencers get followers slowly over time, not all at once.

Organic options typically use the follow/unfollow or liking method. This means that they automatically engage with other users on your behalf, which sparks their attention and interest in your profile. A certain number of those who you engage with will follow you back! 

Another strategy is to buy Instagram followers in bulk. Some services allow you to buy a specific number of followers, but will deliver them slowly for a more natural look.



It’s important to find a growth tool that works for you and your specific account. When you’re researching Instagram growth services, look into how you can customize your experience so that it works best for your needs. Do you want an out-of-the-box cookie-cutter service, or a customized one? 

One of the main ways you can personalize your experience is through targeting. The best Instagram tools will allow you to set targets so that they know what kind of accounts to follow. These accounts shape your target audience.

This makes sense, because you don’t want to attract just any followers – you want to attract the right followers. The right followers will be interested in your niche, industry, or the type of content you post. They should also be active Instagram users. 

Depending on your business, you might also want to target based on your location or demographics like gender, age, and so on. Many services also search by relevant hashtags – if you own a bagel shop and someone follows the #bagel hashtag, they might be interested in following your account.

Other ways to customize your service is by filtering out followers that you are not interested in targeting, or setting other parameters about what happens with your account and on what timeline. 


Customer Service

A reputable service will be sure to set you up with customer service to adjust your targeting, answer questions, and more. Make sure you are supported by the Instagram growth service you choose!



As always, price is a factor. Check pricing plans, and what goes with them, to ensure that it fits your needs and your budget. Find the best Instagram growth service at your ideal price point. 



Final Thoughts

Social media is an important part of your online presence. Since Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms, it can seriously help your business to have plenty of followers and engagement online.

Growing your Instagram account is easy with one of the best Instagram growth services available today. 

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