6 Things That Will Improve Your Marketing Strategy

6 Things That Will Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a strategy to succeed. Marketing is the key to attracting potential buyers. A marketing strategy is how you approach it – who your target audience is, where they are, and what you will offer them. Having an excellent marketing strategy is important to any business, and there are things that can improve yours too!

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1. Diversify

You don’t want to just aim for one market, as it won’t be fruitful. Aiming for multiple markets will give you more advertising opportunities and the chance to place ads at different locations.

Technology moves fast, and it’s important to keep up, but having a pulse on user preferences is maybe even more important. Things like email marketing or SMS marketing, are still some of the most successful tools today. Think about where your potential customers might be, what apps they might be using, and try to curate your strategy to that.

Reaching your audience across different platforms is important, and curating your marketing content to fit different expectations is good practice. For example – you might post a funny, relatable meme on Instagram and a more official link about your product or service on Facebook.

2. Know Your Audience

Who are they? What do they like? How old are they, and what income level do they fall under? You might have your goals set to reach younger or older people, so knowing their preferences is important.

Maybe people who are retired prefer to read things on paper more than on screens. Perhaps younger audiences would rather watch a video than listen to you talk about your product. These are the sort of things you should be aware of, and study your audience to understand them better. Is there a subculture you’re aiming at? Does it have certain rules or requirements to fit in?

Once you know them, decide on how they like their information to be presented. It might make more sense to use Instagram for young professionals, rather than LinkedIn. You should also consider your target audience’s values – are they the “save the planet” kind of people for instance? Then maybe you should consider playing into environmentally friendly aspects of your products.

3. Be Branded

This doesn’t just mean having the right kind of logo, it means that everything your business does should be consistent across every platform.

If you have a certain slogan or catchphrase, make sure to brand it so everyone can recognize it – even if they are never seen together! Try to stick with a color scheme or similar fonts so it looks familiar and you can connect your audience to all your platforms. Get your image right across all channels – from your website to social media profiles to newsletters and everywhere in between.

Making people guess what your next product will be can be good. Making them wonder what your brand is – not so much.

4. Stay Consistent

As well as being consistent across all channels, make sure to keep a steady posting schedule. If you have a weekly newsletter – stick with it!

It’s no use reaching out to people who might be interested if you don’t connect with them in a comfortable way. People follow brands because they feel comfortable with the content they’re re-posting, learning about new things, or just getting their daily dose of laughter from funny memes.

If you have an audience that’s used to seeing your posts at a certain time every week – don’t let them down! This will help you stay on top, and make sure your followers are people interested in what you have to say.

5. Measure

You want to know what works, why it does, and how much of an effect it has. That’s where analytics come in – look at what people are doing with your content, which ads work best for them, who is clicking on what? On top of that, track your sales and see how they are affected by certain strategies. Feedback is a great tool to know what works, but analytics can show you why something works – how it affects your metrics, and what kind of audience your posts are reaching.

6. Be Authentic

Be yourself, but also keep things personal. You don’t want to copy-paste the same message across platforms or social media pages – it gets problematic! Be original, but make sure it’s comfortable. It should feel natural and not forced. People can usually tell when someone is trying too hard to make themselves sound a certain way. Be kind, be funny, be clever! But don’t try too hard – that can backfire.


Turning data into stories and story ideas is an art. And so much of it is emotional, managing expectations, and knowing what to focus on and what the data really means. Marketing strategy can use a lot of different techniques and tools to reach their audiences effectively and efficiently – but the all-important thing that’s needed is knowledge about them, or at least the ability to learn about them. A healthy mix of more traditional approaches with some innovative twists seems like a great starting point!

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