9 Must-Have Features Of An Engaging E-Commerce Site

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9 Must-Have Features Of An Engaging E-Commerce Site

The world is becoming more and more digitized, which has resulted in people spending less time in brick-and-mortar stores. However, going digital means that in addition to working on your product’s quality and design, you also have to market your e-commerce site—a daunting and critical task that can make or break your business. 

As an e-commerce store owner or manager, it’s essential to know what features your site needs to be successful. 

Online shopping

Here are the must-have features of an engaging e-commerce site: 

Shipping Options 

Your customers have to know what kind of shipping options are available to them when ordering from your site. Once their orders are shipped, you should also feature a tracker so it’s easier for them to determine the delivery time. You can use simple text boxes where your customers enter their information like name, address, and more. 

Having different shipping options is one of the edges of a dropshipping business as it allows e-commerce site owners to cater to customers from all around the world. 

Easy Navigation   

Navigating through your e-commerce site should be intuitive so your customers can easily find what they are looking for. If it takes too long for them to find the product they want, your customers will likely leave the site. While it’s generally a good idea to put the navigation bar on the left side of your site, this is also a site-by-site decision. Some e-commerce sites find it more effective to place the navigation bar at the top of the page. 

Quality Content 

Have you ever heard of the saying that ‘content is king?’ If you wish to learn how to drive traffic to your e-commerce store, you need to learn how to produce quality content. 

While ensuring the high ranking of content is getting more difficult, your site can still rank well if your content has superior quality. Instead of just writing blog posts or other helpful articles for the sake of ranking, try to put out content that will deliver value to your customers. 

Product Information And Reviews 

Most customers will want to know the pricing and shipping costs of ordering from your site. Moreover, they also want to know more about the product before purchasing. For instance, they might want to know the dimensions of a particular product or how many pieces come in an order. In some cases, they also want to know the material and color options available. 

To help your customers make their purchasing decision, you should include product reviews from previous customers. Remember that reviews can influence other customers’ buying decisions. 

Clear Call-to-Action Buttons  

You might have a great site, but you’ll never be able to receive any orders unless your customers know where to click to complete their purchase. Make sure you’re using clear call-to-action buttons to help your customers know how to complete their orders. 

Fast Loading Pages  

You want your e-commerce site to load fast so customers get what they’re looking for as soon as possible. Some customers will be fine with a five-second delay, but others will feel like your site is making them wait forever. As such, you need to make sure that your pages load as quickly as possible. 

While it’s difficult to improve your site speed overnight, you can increase the speed of your website by using a lightweight design and optimizing your images. It would be best if you also look for ways to minimize the number of third-party scripts on your site, which can cause unwanted delays in page loading time. 

Multiple Payment Options  

You want to make your customers feel secure every time they’re shopping in your store. However, if your customers can only use one payment option, they’re likely to feel worried about giving you their information. There’s also a chance that the sole option you’re offering might not work for them. 

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At the very least, you should offer your customers options like an online payment system and credit card processing. It would help if you also considered accepting cryptocurrencies, which can be more secure than traditional payment methods. 

Friendly Customer Service Representatives 

If your budget allows for it, you should have customer service representatives available to answer your customers’ questions. The faster they can get back to your customers, the happier they’ll feel about doing business with you. It would help if you also offer various contact options so your customers can quickly get in touch with you. Remember that sometimes it’s no longer the product quality that drives your customers towards your brand but the quality of the services they experienced in learning more about your products. 

Free Shipping Or Discounts 

Today, many e-commerce companies offer one or both options if your purchase reaches a certain amount.  Make it easy for your customers to save money on their purchases by offering them free shipping or discounts based on the overall cost of their order. This will boost customer confidence and increase sales. 

Final Words 

 If you’re starting a new e-commerce business or revamping the look of an existing site, these nine must-have elements of a website will help you make your mark. 

The more that your customers can focus recognize the positive aspects of shopping on your site, the better chance they’ll have of coming back to make more purchases in the future. By investing a little time and energy into making your e-commerce site better, you’re sure to enjoy the results for years to come. 



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