How Can AI Monitoring Help Improve Your Digital Marketing Efficiency

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How Can AI Monitoring Help Improve Your Digital Marketing Efficiency

Digital marketing is an extensive industry that is constantly changing as technology and the world around it develop. In the past few decades, digital marketing has evolved to become the key driver for most businesses with the rise of the internet and digital technologies. Today digital marketing is becoming more and more critical for modern businesses, as the internet and digital technologies are becoming the main channel for customer interaction and brand building. One such technology that is rapidly becoming a part of the digital marketing arsenal is Artificial Intelligence (AI).


What Is AI?

It is a term to describe the field of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines. This can include a wide variety of different types of devices, from “robotics” that perform actions with little to no human intervention to “algorithms” that are essentially rules that explain how an intelligent machine functions and what activities it should perform. This field is still a work in progress, with many significant milestones yet to be achieved. Nevertheless, it has advanced sufficiently enough that it is now used in several industries, with digital marketing becoming the ideal testbed for this technology.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses different means of communication, such as the internet, mobile phones, social media, and other technologies, to engage customers. This form of marketing can be further categorized into:


Why Has Digital Marketing Embraced AI?

As the world moves towards a future where AI becomes a part of your daily life, companies must adapt to the fact that it is now a necessity for businesses to stay competitive. Technology is changing how you perform activities to make you better, faster, and smarter than ever before. As more forms of artificial intelligence join this mix, you can expect to see more effective and efficient campaigns for marketing. Marketing has always been a particular field of interest for AI as it has always been deeply analytical. As a result, marketers have always looked for better ways to acquire data and boost revenue. As AI has developed over time, it has become a significant part of data collection and analysis. Additionally, PwC estimates that artificial intelligence will generate $15.7 trillion in economic activity by 2030, demonstrating its importance.


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How Is AI Making Digital Marketing More Efficient?

Every year, more businesses adopt AI as a key strategy in their marketing campaigns, analyzing data and learning from the outcomes of those decisions to improve performance. As a result, the use of AI by marketing managers is helping them achieve the success they would never have imagined.

Creating Profiles Of Customers

Customer profiling is a term that refers to the use of data on customers to create profiles of them. You can use profiling for a variety of applications, including:


  • Market research.
  • Customer feedback.
  • Product development.
  • Competitive analysis.


It is a tool used to help businesses better understand their customers. Profiling involves taking a close look at customers and the products they buy to see what they have in common. For example, you can use the process to determine common patterns among customers, characteristics that can make them more profitable to serve than others, products they are likely to buy, and when they prefer to spend money. AI is beneficial for this task because it can process large amounts of data and parse it into easy-to-understand data that a digital marketer can act on.


Customer Support and Satisfaction

Customer service affects nearly every aspect of the customer’s life, and if companies are unable to answer customer questions and concerns, it can have an enormous impact on brand loyalty. Conversely, when a company provides poor customer service, its lifetime value is drastically reduced, and thus, it is detrimental to ignore it. Nevertheless, it can be a time-consuming task that requires a lot of labor to deal with. This is where AI comes in and makes the entire process more efficient. AI chatbots have become ubiquitous in the industry, and the level of support they provide can sometimes equal that of an actual human. However, its main advantage lies not in mimicking a human but rather in delivering the first point of contact 24/7 and then prioritizing support needs. This allows digital marketers to respond to the most pressing concerns immediately.


Behavior And Predictive Analysis 

Behavior analysis marketing (BAM) means having the right marketing tools and systems in place to target your ideal customers. This is accomplished by identifying behaviors that are predictive of purchase, then using every possible means of communication to reach those people. AI can provide proactive monitoring in this regard, which allows a digital marketer to get constant updates in real-time, allowing them to input this data into a predictive model. Once they have this model, it becomes far easier for them to create advertising campaigns that appeal directly to their target audience, increasing the chances of a sale and reducing expenses simultaneously.


Content Marketing 

Content marketing is when you create value for customers by providing them with valuable information to make decisions. This helpful information has the power to persuade, motivate, entertain, and educate. You might see content marketing being used concerning online advertising, but it can apply to any medium. For example, it would have taken lots of manual research to discover what trending topics will provide the most significant return in the past. However, with the advent of AI, it has become a far more straightforward endeavor to find out which topics will yield the greatest return. This can be in the form of tools that allow digital marketers to discover which topics gain the most momentum in terms of social performance, or it could be to help provide an article that is more likely to rank highly in a search engine. No matter the reason, AI can help a business maximize profits by getting the relevant information to the right people.


As marketers continue to advance their marketing technology, many are looking to AI algorithms to improve their marketing campaigns. While most digital marketers would agree that an AI solution is the way to go, the question changes from when to use this technology to work in their marketing workflow.

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