An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Building Online Authority

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Building Online Authority

We live in a digital world where information is readily available over the internet. Virtually every question you can think of already has a well-explained answer in blog form or as part of a given website’s content. Therefore, you’ll rarely miss a straight answer or two when you type a query in the Google search bar.

But the question is: are all those answers correct? What proves their validity, especially when statistics can’t be used as supporting evidence? Well, it all boils down to online authority.

When your site is ranked among high-authority websites, this means the content you’re sharing is not only factual but also meets the required standards. If you don’t have such a platform already, you can always find professionals who offer help in creating websites that appeal to online users.

However, having online presence doesn’t automatically translate to the topic at hand. Online authority is built on leadership and expertise in your specific field. Of course, for you to claim to have that kind of authority, search engines must have enough reason to rank your website high. So how do you build that perception as an entrepreneur?

Find Your Niche

‘Jack of all trades’ is a common phrase that cuts across all industries. For entrepreneurs, it can either make or break them depending on their primary objectives. If your brand is based on diversity, then developing skills to fit that narrative is quite important. However, if you have a specific skill that appeals to many consumers, then it might be wise to be a master of one instead.

That said, being an online authority involves having in-depth knowledge in a specific area. For instance, if an online user is looking for information regarding specific electronic components, they’re likely to get that from someone specializing in those products rather than a website covering all matters engineering.

picking a niche

So as an aspiring online authority, you need to choose your specific niche and become an expert in it. By focusing on one area, you’ll be able to gain more information on it, which will lead to a comprehensive understanding of the matter. This way, you’ll always be able to provide informative content to your audience. You’ll also be confident enough to tackle various questions posed by your website visitors.


Focus On The Real Value

One problem facing today’s online entrepreneurs is the fact that they’re more concerned with their popularity than the quality of the products they offer. Don’t get it twisted, though: both aspects are very important. You need to build your online popularity to succeed, but that alone won’t sustain you. Remember that access to information has become a lot easier nowadays. Therefore, if one feels that your website no longer gives them what they need, they won’t hesitate to move on to the next candidate.

Don’t fixate on building your online presence to a point where your content value is diluted. As earlier mentioned, online authority is all about your expertise and professionalism in a given field. As such, you’d want your website to be the go-to source of information.

Start by engaging real people and providing them with the right solutions to their problems. Over time, those individuals will start talking about your business and sharing your information with their friends and relatives. Such developments will lead to more people recognizing you as one of the industry leaders. When you have online users acknowledging you as such, search engines will also pick up on these signals and rank your website high on search results.

Attend Or Co-Host Webinars

People attend seminars not just for the sake of doing it but to gain knowledge on a given subject. By attending a seminar or webinar as a guest, you can build a name for yourself and a brand in the market. People will start to view you as an expert in your field, provided you articulate your opinions accordingly. As a result, you might gain more followers on social media and more website traffic.



Online authority is often confused with online presence, but the former is more than just about visibility. As much as you need more visitors to your website, you need to back up that following with informative and authoritative content. This way, your position on top will be sustained.

To be an expert and show your know-how in a given field, you need to specialize in one specific area. In addition, it’d be wise to attend webinars and other similar events as a guest to show your expertise to potential consumers.


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