Best PBN Hosting Providers for 2021 

Best PBN Hosting Providers for 2021 

PBNs are a great way to build links. Despite some questions in the SEO community about the safety and efficacy of using PBNs, they remain a popular tactic. The right hosting makes all the difference for PBNs, so it’s important to find the best PBN hosting services if you’re going to create a private blog network.

If you’re building a PBN, use one of these web hosting providers for PBNs to ensure that your websites are in safe hands. We’ve done the research so that you can find safe and reliable hosting for your PBN!

What is a PBN?

pbn hosting

A PBN is a private blog network. This is a network of websites and blogs that many SEOs use to place links. These networks contain a high number of outbound links, but the links are often regarded as low quality in the eyes of Google.

Backlinks are a fundamental part of SEO – the more backlinks your website has, the better authority it has in search engine rankings. For SEO companies trying to help improve their website’s rankings, PBNs are an easy way to get backlinks for your website. The quality of those links is uncertain, which is why some SEOs avoid using private blog networks for links. 

In the past, PBNs could post low quality content with lots of links and this tactic would work well for improving site authority. Nowadays, Google is better at recognizing spammy content and links, so PBNs need higher quality content or your sites may be penalized. Some SEOs still question the safety of using PBNs to build links to websites. 

Because building links can be time consuming and expensive, many search engine marketers build their own PBNs so that they can create links to various websites at a lower cost. This tactic involves using expired domains with a good backlink profile to link to your web properties. 


Why is Hosting Important for PBNs? 

The right hosting provider is essential for PBNs. Using the wrong web host for your PBN can lead to it getting de-indexed by Google, wasting all the time, money, and effort you put into building the PBN and building links to your other properties. 

It’s common knowledge among SEO and web design experts that a cheap, low quality hosting service is the #1 factor in PBNs becoming de-indexed so that they no longer appear in Google search results. 

To ensure that your PBN stays afloat so that you can build effective backlinks, you need to use a premium web hosting service. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best hosting services for PBNs, so you can find a reliable webs host without hours of research!


9 Best Hosting Services for PBNs 

Check out our top picks for the best PBN hosting available today:

      1. PBN.Hosting
      2. Easy Blog Networks
      3. Bulk Buy Hosting
      4. LaunchCDN
      5. GreenGeeks
      6. HostGator
      7. SiteGround
      8. WPX Hosting
      9. iPage
      10. HostPapa
      11. Bluehost



PBN.Hosting is one of the best hosting services for PBNs because, as the name implies, the service was made specifically for private blog networks. This platform is great for hosting PBNs, and it also makes it easy to build your network and even post to blogs from one app.

PBN.Hosting makes it easy to manage all of your blogs from one dashboard. They use secure cloud hosting, working with premium CDNs to ensure that your websites are hosted on clean IP addresses. This means there is no footprint for Google to connect the websites within your network, so you can safely build links on your PBN.

If you already have websites set up, PBN.Hosting offers free site migration to their service. For new sites, this service will get your websites up and running, using the top performing WordPress themes at random. PBN.Hosting also provides in-depth reporting, so you can check rankings, traffic, and stay on top of your linking strategy.


  • PBN hosting across top tier CDNs
  • No footprints; clean IPs
  • WordPress PBNs
  • Automated updates and backups
  • Post to websites from their platform
  • Link management and reports
  • Fast website speeds
  • Network health monitoring
  • Free site migration



  • Zero footprints with CDN integrations
  • Manage all of your sites on one platform, including posting and updates
  • Actionable reporting
  • Competitive pricing



  • Not the easiest interface for beginners



PBN.Hosting is a great service for hosting PBNs all in one place. Your websites will be safe on varied IPs with other reputable websites, and you can manage your blogs on their comprehensive dashboard.



Easy Blog Networks 

easy blog networks

Easy Blog Networks, as the name suggests, is another managed hosting service made specifically for private blog networks. This PBN hosting service makes it simple to create a network of websites with no footprints, creating a natural hosting profile for you. 

Easy Blog Networks helps to create natural PBNs with ease by setting up your websites with different, reliable web hosts on different IP addresses, and on different data centers. This ensures that your PBN doesn’t look like a PBN, and your websites can thrive with safety. It’s easy to manage your PBN websites with Easy Blog Networks because you have the benefit of multiple hosts but one, central dashboard.

Easy Blog Networks is WordPress compatible, with automatic WP updates and daily backups. This service works with other reputable web hosts, so your site is safe. A study found that East Blog Networks has a very low deindexation rate, on par with premium cPanel hosts.


  • PBN hosting, partnered with other quality web hosts 
  • Hosting on different IP addresses 
  • 1-Click blog installation and autopilot updates
  • WordPress compatibility
  • Free site migrations
  • Automatic updates and backups 



  • Low de-indexation rates 
  • Natural hosting profile for PBNs
  • Varied IPs 
  • One platform for all sites within PBN



  • Only works with WordPress



Easy Blog Networks is one of the most popular PBN hosting providers, and one of the easiest to use. You can organize all of your sites on one managed hosting platform with EBN. 



Bulk Buy Hosting

bulk buy hosting

Bulk Buy Hosting is a web hosting service specifically made for PBN hosting that is “safe, easy, and affordable.” This hosting service actually partners with other reputable hosts like HostGator, A Small Orange, and more. This managed PBN hosting services keeps all of your accounts on one dashboard.

Bulk Buy Hosting simplifies PBN hosting by allowing you to host your domains on various high quality servers, so you can host your network of blogs and manage them all from one platform. Using a variety of hosts helps to ensure there are no footprints leading back to your PBN.

Using various IP addresses can help to keep private blog networks safe and secure, as Google can’t trace the various domains back to your PBN. Bulk Buy Hosting also offers great flexibility so that you can easily scale your PBN.


  • Zero footprint with varied IPs
  • Works with other trusted reseller hosting services 
  • One point of contact and one monthly bill for all your PBN hosting
  • Custom dashboard for all IPs
  • Holds up to 475 hosting accounts in one 
  • Full cPanel access
  • Limits on domains per server



  • No PBN footprint 
  • Varied IPs with other real websites
  • Made for PBN hosting 
  • One stop dashboard for entire network



  • Lacks some common features like auto-backups and updates



Managed PBN hosting services like Bulk Buy Hosting are super convenient for creating PBNs with no footprint. Some SEOs worry that this kind of service attracts only SEOs and PBNs, but with varied IPs it should be a safe and easy solution for PBN hosting. 





LaunchCDN is focused on PBN hosting, so it’s a great option for creating a private blog network. This reliable web host even has “Done For You” options where they will choose your domain, set up hosting, and build the website so it is ready to go. You can, of course, manually use LaunchCDN to create your own PBN as well.

LaunchCDN works with an assortment of popular content delivery networks (CDNs) so there are plenty of options for your websites. This service ensures there are no footprints to connect the websites within your private blog network by using unique servers, varied IP addresses, SOA records, and more. 

This is a secure way to build PBNs, with the option for free SSL certificates and other security features. You can even set up email forwarding with LaunchCDN so that emails from all of your domains go to one, convenient inbox. They offer 24/7 customer support and scalable solutions.


  • PBN hosting using CDNs
  • No server footprints
  • Varied IPs 
  • WordPress or static HTML compatible
  • FTP access
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Email forwarding
  • PBN site builder
  • Free migrations 



  • Easy PBN hosting and management on one platform
  • “Done For You” options 
  • Various IP addresses to reduce footprint



  • Only works with WordPress or static HTML
  • Getting all links from CDNs may create a footprint



LaunchCDN is another easy option for creating a PBN and avoiding footprints. This service works well, so the main concern is that getting all of your backlinks from CDNs may create a footprint for Google. This can be combated, however, by diversifying your backlink profile. 




greengeeks hosting

GreenGeeks is known for being the most eco-friendly web hosting company, so if sustainability and green practices are important to you, this may be your best web hosting option. GreenGeeks offers WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller web hosting plans. They offer secure and scalable hosting options, great for PBNs. 

GreenGeeks boasts a 99.9% uptime, so you know your website won’t go down regularly. They offer great speed and security capabilities, even offering custom security rules and zero day vulnerability fixes. Their packages come with a free SSL certificate, cPanel accounts and free cPanel migrations, and managed support. 

GreenGeeks is also known for good customer service, with 24/7 support by chat, ticket, or phone call.  This service is used by real businesses, so your PBN will be safer on this popular hosting platform. For a reliable and secure web host, GreenGeeks is a great option. 


  • Reliable hosting for WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, and resellers 
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Free SSL certificate and other security features
  • cPanel hosting with daily backups 
  • Managed support 
  • High site speeds
  • Scalable options 



  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Good uptime 
  • Great customer support
  • Solid security


  • Interface could be more user-friendly 


GreenGeeks is a very secure and reliable option for PBN hosting. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly hosting company for your PBN, GreekGeeks is a solid option. 



Host Gator


HostGator is another great option for hosting PBNs. They boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your websites will stay online with this reliable hosting service. With HostGator, you get a free SSL certificate and a free domain for a year when you sign up. 

HostGator offers options ranging including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and premium, dedicated hosting. They also offer a premium website builder for a small monthly fee, so you can easily create the websites for your PBN with a drag and drop publisher. 

HostGator’s packages come with unmetered bandwidth, so they can handle sites with heavy traffic. If your site is already up and running, they offer free transfers. With HostGator, you also get one-click installs to integrate your apps as needed. Their dashboard is very user friendly, so even if you’re new to website management, you can easily use HostGator. 

HostGator is a reliable web host that many real businesses use, so it’s a solid choice for creating a PBN that won’t get penalized by Google. 


  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime 
  • Various hosting options 
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • SSL certificates 
  • User friendly dashboard and interface
  • Free domain with registration
  • Free site transfers 
  • WordPress friendly 



  • Easy to use interface
  • Great customer support
  • Clean IPs 



  • Can become expensive quickly for a large PBN



HostGator is one of the most popular hosting options available, and for good reason. This is a reliable service for PBNs, although it may become pricey. 





SiteGround is another reliable web host, powered by Google Cloud for a superior service. They offer managed hosting, so that website owners don’t have to worry about routine hosting maintenance. Their managed WordPress hosting option comes with automatic WordPress updates. They also offer WooCommerce hosting for online web stores. 

SiteGround is best known for being a stable web host with good security options. Security is constantly monitored, with security experts keeping track of software vulnerabilities on a server and website level. Their hosting also comes with SSD persistent storage. 

SiteGround is a good choice for PBNs, as their affordable GrowBig plan allows for unlimited websites. Site management is easy with SiteGround, as well as domain management and email all in one. 


  • Reliable web hosting
  • Free SSL
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free email
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Site caching 
  • Daily backup
  • Free email 
  • Free, smooth site transfers 
  • Optimized for CMS applications
  • Google Cloud hosting



  • Good security features
  • Solid uptime
  • Easy user dashboard and easy site management 



  • Complaints of slow customer support 


SiteGround is another reliable PBN web hosting service. Their advanced security is a big plus, and their GrowBig package is great for managing unlimited websites on your PBN.



WPX Hosting

wpx hosting

WPX Hosting is another well known and trusted hosting provider, so it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to build a PBN. Known for fast site speeds and great uptime, WPX Hosting is a favorite among many digital marketers. They offer free site speed optimization, free site migration from other hosting services, and free site fixes and malware detection.

WPX Hosting hosts its own servers and has great in-house security measures, so your websites are safe with this host. They also make it easy to host multiple sites on one platform, which is useful for PBNs. With WPX, your sites are auto-updated and backed up daily.

While some PBN websites aren’t made for high traffic, hosting with WPX is a great choice for high traffic sites. If you’re actually trying to drive readers to the websites in your PBNs rather than just using them for links, WPX Hosting is a good option for you. Their Cloud CDN is also a plus.


  • Hosting with fast speeds, almost no downtime
  • Free site migration
  • Free site admin management – updates, backups, and malware detection
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Cloud CDN
  • Solid DNS management
  • HHD storage
  • Manage multiple sites from one dashboard



  • Great site speeds
  • One of the best for customer support
  • Enterprise option to manage multiple sites
  • Excellent security



  • Not made specifically for PBNs



WPX Hosting is an excellent hosting service, and if you’re looking to drive traffic and grow the websites in your private blog network, it’s a top performing option.





iPage is an affordable web hosting service that is popular with many PBN creators and managers. When you sign up with iPage, you can get a free domain for your first year, plus tools to easily get a new site up and running – no coding experience necessary.

iPage is a trusted and reliable web host. They offer a free SSL certificate and great security to keep your websites safe. With a 99.9% uptime, website crashes will be rare. Sites hosted with iPage also have unlimited bandwidth, so your site can grow.

iPage offers an easy WordPress installation, plus eCommerce capabilities. You can create unlimited email addresses for your domain, as well as add unlimited domains onto your plan.


  • Reliable hosting with good uptime
  • Free domain for first year
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • WordPress and eCommerce friendly 
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited email addresses for each domain 



  • Plenty of IP addresses for differentiation
  • Good security 
  • Reliable, 99.9% uptime 
  • Highly scalable 



  • Some users say that site migration is difficult with iPage



iPage is a solid choice for web hosting, and since it allows unlimited domains and offers different IPs, it’s a good choice for a private blog network.



Host Papa

host papa

Host Papa web hosting is a great, affordable option for hosting PBNs. Their web hosting service comes with a free domain, so you can find and acquire domains for your PBN through Host Papa’s platform. 

They also offer a website builder, so you can start creating your website right away with their tools. Hosting on Host Papa comes with fast and reliable storage, apps, and tools to create a professional looking website in no time. 

Host Papa is WordPress-friendly, with servers tuned for WordPress websites. Their servers also have advanced security like firewalls and intrusion protection. If your website is already up and running, they also offer support like free domain transfer and free website migration. 


  • Reliable servers 
  • Website builder and tools 
  • WordPress friendly hosting
  • Customer support via live chat, support ticket, or phone
  • Free domain transfer and website migration
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Unlimited domains from one web hosting account 



  • Good uptime
  • Clean IPs with other real websites  
  • Affordable pricing



  • Websites could be faster



For the cost, Host Papa is an excellent option for anyone looking for PBN hosting. Their affordable service comes with great features and a reliable server for private blog networks. 





Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies out there, so they’re known for being high quality and reliable. This is a great option for beginners when it comes to building VPNs and websites in general, as they offer an easy step-by-step set up and 24/7 lifetime support. 

With Bluehost, your new domain is free for the first year upon registration. Their dashboard is easy to use, and they offer a truly reliable hosting option with little chance of downtime. This hosting giant also has great security features, so your websites are in good hands with Bluehost. 

Bluehost is very WordPress compatible. They offer a comprehensive site builder with their hosting packages, so you can easily set up a brand new site in no time. With Bluehost, you also get automated security updates and backup data protection to keep your website safe. 


  • Reliable, fast web hosting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • WordPress friendly
  • Comprehensive site building tool with custom themes
  • Automatic security updates 
  • SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate 



  • Well known and trusted host
  • Easy to use; very user friendly set up and dashboard
  • Good customer service
  • Great security



  • Reseller program – no different IPs, so this option is not ideal for PBNs



Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting options, and it’s easy to use for beginners. It’s not the most optimized for PBNs specifically, but it’s still a solid choice. 


Final Thoughts 

PBN hosting is essential for the success of a private blog network. Use this link building tactic wisely by using only the best PBN web hosts from our list!

If you’re still searching for a web host, consider our list of the best hosting services for SEO.

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