Case Study – Sculpere Yoga & Ballet – Lead Generation

Case Study – Sculpere Yoga & Ballet – Lead Generation

On January 27th, 2017 we ran a 3-day campaign for Sculpere Ballet Body & Yoga Mind, a Yoga and Ballet Studio owned by Cristina Espaillat, located in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. The campaign objective was to generate leads for a free class that was being offered. We used targeted pay per click facebook ads and a quality landing page for the campaign.

Lead Generation for Yoga StudioThe first part of the process is creating a custom landing page, specifically for the campaign. The landing page we created for Sculpere is very easy to navigate, has a clear call-to-action, mobile and desktop friendly, pixeled so we can retarget, and personally branded.

If you want to check out the landing page click the image to the left. If are interested in a free yoga class at Sculpere, sign up here.



Facebook Ads for Yoga Studio leads

The next step, we created a couple different ad sets, both targeting women within certain zip codes living in the Northern Liberties area. We split tested an ad set with different zip codes against another ad set with those same zip codes but with added interests to narrow the reach. We also A/B tested the ads against one another, testing the copy, images, headline, and call to action’s within the advertisement to see which ads Cristina’s target market responded best to. An example of one of our ads can be seen here ->

Sculpere set a lifetime budget of $25 for the campaign. Within those 3 days, we reached 3,282 people with their ads. On average the cost-per-click was $1. We generated 23 total link clicks, and 8 qualified leads with a very minimal budget. The final budget at the end of the 3 days was $23.34. Cristina paid $2.91 per lead.

Most people waste money on Facebook ads because they don’t know the inside secrets. Imagine what Cristina could have done with a $100 investment…

Facebook Ad Analytics for Yoga Studio


In order to run a successful lead generation campaign on Facebook, you must first know your target audience, who they are and where they are located. Second, it is key to have appealing ad copy and images. Third, A/B test everything to see what your audience is responding best to. Lastly, have an attractive and mobile friendly landing page. These ingredients combined will ensure a successful lead generation campaign.

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