Competitor Analysis Tools: Learn How To Spy on Your Competition

competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis Tools: Learn How To Spy on Your Competition

While competitors may seem like a thorn in your side on a day to day basis, they can be used for very useful data. Try keeping your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

Competitive analysis tools are a great way for you to spy on the competition, to stay up to date on current trends, and to see where they are beating you. Even Google spies on its users by giving search data to other companies. That’s why you are always getting ads for the thing you last searched for on Google. While spying on competitors may seem immoral, it’s not, it’s just good business.

Learning how to spy on competitors used to be tricky, but now there on tools online that make it even simpler. There are also a few key areas that you will want to look at to see how you stack up against the competition.

What is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is looking at strengths and weaknesses of the competition. From a digital marketing standpoint, competitive analysis looks at a website’s traffic, rankings, advertisements, keywords, and more.

This is useful data because it can help see where you should be investing more or if you can continue to thrive ahead of the competition. Checking out competitors can help you make improvements on your own website or for your business in general.

Learn How to Spy on Competitors

Once you have discovered who your competitors are, you should look at a few key data points so you can see how to operate more efficiently. Keywords are a valuable source of data from you competitors because that will tell you what people are looking for. Also check for their paid keywords or Google Adwords – this will allow you to see what they are doing with search engine ads and where they are spending their money in ad campaigns.

You should also check into their social media. This is a valuable way to see when they will be announcing new products, providing updates, and how they interact with their audience.

Best Tools for Competitive Analysis

Competitor research is easier with great spy tools. There are tons of tools out there for competitive analysis, but some of them are better than the others. With the right tools, spying on your competitors will become even easier than ever. The tools that we have compiled are some that SEO companies and digital marketers use. These tools will work whether you are trying to get a leg up on your competitors or to find out how your website holds up against the competition. 

The Best Competitor Analysis Tools:

      1. SEMrush
      2. Alexa 
      3. SimilarWeb
      4. Quicksprout
      5. iSpionage



SEMrush is an extremely powerful keyword tracking tool.  This tool allows you to target competitors and analyze their websites for what keywords they are using to gain traffic. It also functions as a website SEO auditing tool, tracks backlinks, and more. It will give you your competitors keywords and give you more effective keyword research. This will help increase traffic and gives you valuable SEO competitor research. SEMRush is a comprehensive tool that reports on websites, so there are plenty of features to explore.

Try an exclusive 7-day free trial of SEMRush’s Competitive Intelligence Tool. This tool includes market research and traffic analytics for an in-depth competitor analysis. Click the button below to access this tool’s free trial!



Alexa, which is owned by Amazon, is a website traffic estimator. It has many features like competitor keyword analysis to find competitors keywords. This tool will help you target competitors to compare your sites traffic with competing websites. It even tells you the other websites that your audience is visiting and the topics that your audience is most interested in.




SimilarWeb is a content analysis tool and website traffic estimator that allows you to do almost anything. It is a powerful website traffic estimator and a keyword tracking tool. This will allow you to see competitor keywords and how many people visit their site. It will allow you to do thorough research on your competitors. You can see what drives their traffic and content through SimilarWeb.



Sprout Social

Sprout Social lets you look at how competitors are doing on social media, making it a very important market research tool. This is a good way to either see your competitor’s growth or to see where your social media output should be. You can also see what consumers what and are posting about on this tool as well.




iSpionage allows you to track competitor’s ad campaigns and shows you their monthly budget. This tool allows you to access seven years of data on your competitors. This is important because if you are able to see where your competitors are putting their ads, so you can target similar areas as them.


Final Thoughts on Competitive Analysis Tools

Competitors are a valuable source of information for your business. They will help you see where and how much money you should be spending in certain areas. They also help you see what people are searching for on their sites so that you can use similar techniques. Use these tools that help you target competitors so that you can get ahead of them.

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