7 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice Today

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7 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice Today

It’s difficult for dentists to run their practice today. Besides the overwhelming need to take care of your patients, you have to worry about all the other requirements of being a small business owner.

Additionally, you also have to worry about the marketing of your practice. After all, there are many dental offices in your area, what can you do to make yours stand out?

Today most people find their dentist and other service professionals through an internet search. They search for the service they want, review several companies, and go with the company that satisfies their needs. Often, they do this based solely on their impression from the information on the web.

This is why it’s essential you have a strong presence on the internet. To help you achieve this, here are seven steps you can take today to get you going down the path to successful digital marketing for dentists.

They are in no particular order, but they are all practical steps for improving your web presence.

1. Perform a Website Audit

Take an objective look at your site. Is it easy to use and navigate? Ask trusted friends or family members to go through it. Did they get lost or confused while looking around? Today’s impactful websites are simple in design. They make it easy for people to look around and get the information they want. You will also want to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, most searches are from phones or tablets.  Use our free SEO Analyzer tool here https://seodigitalgroup.com/seo-analyzer/


2. Focus On Your Local Area and Community

Build relationships with your local community. Most people looking for dental services are looking locally, so work on improving your local SEO results. You can do this by educating yourself in the best SEO practices and implementing a plan, or you can use the services of a digital marketing company. Generally, it involves creating content linking your services to your area and maintaining a presence on the web.


3. Reputation & Review Management

Add positive reviews to your website and make sure you manage and address any negative reviews. When you have a customer who is pleased with your work, ask for permission to use their testimonial on your web page. Testimonials are the digital equivalent of referrals, one of the most powerful marketing tools available.


4. Make Yourself A Thought Leader in the Industry

On your website, add informational pages or develop a consistent blog that provides useful information to readers. You probably encounter patients with similar problems, so write a blog about how people can avoid the situation. Or, give your recommendations on specific dental hygiene techniques or tools.  Whatever you choose, make sure the information is useful to the reader.


5. Combine Digital & Traditional Marketing Strategies

Integrate your offline marketing strategies with your digital marketing. You can add your website to any flyers, mailers, or commercials. If you support a local sports team and post a banner, make sure you include your site address. Make sure you advertise that you offer free advice in your blog for people.


6. Develop a Social Presence & Following

Start your social media network today. If you haven’t already, establish your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. What should you post? Begin with your blog posts and the testimonials we’ve previously discussed. Show pictures of successful outcomes from procedures, even internal celebrations, like an employee birthday party or promotion, make interesting posts. People enjoy seeing celebrations and happiness. Social media is also where you begin your local SEO campaign. Make sure your posts include your location and how people can contact you. One important thing to remember is once you’ve started your social media plan it’s important to keep it going. Social media is powerful for marketing, but it demands constant feeding and attention!


7. Incorporate a Personal Touch and Real Social Proof

On your website, and even in your social media posts, include pictures of your portfolio. If you did a fantastic job helping somebody fix the look of their smile, or helped them improve their dental health, then post pictures of your work. Again, this is the “proof” so many people look for when they are searching for a dentist. And, be sure to include a quote or two from your satisfied patient.

SEO Digital Group understands dentists are in the unique position of providing a critical health service while also working on maintaining their business. We specialize in helping businesses build their online presence and develop digital marketing campaigns that drive results. If you have any questions about how we can help your practice or business, we encourage you to contact us.


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