How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Online Store

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How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Online Store

First of all, a content management system, otherwise known as CMS, is a system that will help  you to keep everything organized from your content to your product management to your online stores.


With all of the benefits of content management systems, then you also want to consider using it to work on helping to manage your presence on the internet. This is important as you can use it to manage your marketing and to help by keeping everything up to date. A good CMS will also allow for easy to use content updates and user friendly coding as needed.




Using a CMS system is vital for numerous reasons. It is important as your business grows to ensure that everything is kept up to date. You’ll want to be able to manage all of your blogging, content, marketing and even your online store on the same platform in a manner that is easy to update.


Some of the most commonly found features on popular CMS platforms include:





Publishing features are vital on the right CMS as you can use a visual editor in order to avoid writing any HTML files or getting too technical on the backend of your webpage. Instead, these features allow you to easily publish and write your content on the frontend of your webpage.


Admin Features 


Administrative features also give added benefits from using a CMS platform such as email notifications from anything from online purchases, customer inquiries to comments on a blog or even social media.




You can add all of the search engine optimization that you can with the right CMS. You can add in keywords to your blogs and all of the images uploaded onto your site. You can also use the SEO portion within a CMS to track your SEO.


Social Media 


You can also link all of your social media onto your website and into your online store with the right CMS system. These are features that will also allow you to link your promotions and other advertisements directly to your social media accounts.




You can also find out your conversion rates, page views, site visits and more with the right analytics that come with your CMS. These can include anything from the amount of organic visitors that come to your site every day and which pages that they view to the products that people view on your online store and which ones are added to their shopping cart, etc.

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How To Choose


When it comes to choosing the right CMS system then you’ll want to carefully read and research your various options. You will want to first determine what you want to enhance. If you are building your ecommerce store from scratch then you’ll want to seek out different things then if you already have the store up and running and need to add some plugins.


With all of the choices available, it is also wise to check out other reviews and statistics. According to interesting Magento market share statistics, it is ideal to find the right CMS that has the advanced functions which will give you all of the assistance and marketing tools that you need along with running your store online. These tips can be invaluable when it comes to finding the right CMS for your business needs.


You’ll also want  to consider how big your store may get in the future. If you aren’t considering expanding or aren’t interested in massive growth for your business, then you’ll likely consider a CMS with fewer features. If you are planning for mass growth in your business, then you can look at additional plugins or options that will work for you in the future. You’ll also want to consider different systems that can integrate with other systems if you expand rapidly past the point of your current CMS’s capabilities.


With all of the choices out there, then you will want to take many things into consideration when it comes to choosing the right system for your online store. CMS and ecommerce go together, and they need to be integrated with great care especially as your ecommerce side grows alongside the growth of your business. It is always a good idea to keep your future goals in mind as you are creating the space for utilizing the right system for your ecommerce as well as your marketing needs.


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