How to Easily Get New Visitors to Your Online Business

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How to Easily Get New Visitors to Your Online Business

Due to the pandemic, eCommerce is booming, and online sales are shooting up. For customers, this means unlimited choice, but for business owners, this means a competitive marketplace. It became increasingly hard to stay at the top and succeed with plenty of competitors, but one way to do so is by reaching more people and creating brand awareness. You can do these by increasing the traffic on your site. Here are the top ways to easily increase website traffic.


Entice Customers with Marketing and Sales Campaigns


The first and most widely used technique you can do is attracting customers with sales and marketing campaigns. A sales campaign is usually a promotion that offers discounts and deals to boost the sale, while a marketing campaign is to widen the reach of your company and brand through marketing them across all platforms. Believe it or not, most of our purchases are heavily influenced by these campaigns. If you check your purchase behavior, you will notice that what you usually buy are items that are either on sale with their best price offered or items that you see in advertisements.


You can easily get new visitors to your online business by creating the right marketing and sales campaign. You can immediately see quick increases in web traffic and sales.


How To Do It?


You can try the most popular ways for sales campaigns such as flash sales, coupons or vouchers, buy one get x deals, giveaways, competitions or free samples, and limited-time offers. This plan will be effective with the marketing campaign. Do the advertising via different methods such as social media, email marketing, content creation, and paid advertising.


SEO Optimize Your Site


There are millions and billions of people actively looking for everything on the internet, and your potential customer may be searching for your product right this moment. According to the search engine experts at Excite Media SEO, websites are ranked based on many factors like keywords, age of your domain name, the number of websites linked to you, and your content’s overall relevance. By optimizing your website, you will be placed better in search engine results. Through this, you can capture new visitors, create leads and generate sales easily.


How To Do It?


It might seem a bit scary, but if you research and understand all the critical SEO terms, you’ll soon realize it’s easier than you first thought! Here are the main topics you should explore:


  • Optimizing your content

First of all, google needs to know what your website is about and what you’re targeting. Imagine Google is a person, and your website is a book, it needs to be able to easily read your website to understand this is why you need to work on content.


You can use a website like Ahrefs to search for keywords, and it’ll give you the search volume (this is roughly how many people search for this phrase per month.) Once you’ve picked some, naturally include them in your content. A useful tip is to look at what the top ranking websites do and try to improve upon what they do.


  • Optimising your page title descriptions + meta descriptions

The next step is to update your page title + meta description, the image they are like adverts for your website; when someone first searches for a website, you see a description if it’s well written and sells the product well, they’re more likely to click on it. Make sure to include a call to action in the page title or description (e.g., Call today or get a free instant quote.) Of course, choose something relevant to your website/service.


  • Site performance

Lastly, consider the site performance, if the website isn’t designed well, people won’t want to use it, and they’ll quickly leave. However, if the website is user-friendly, people will spend more time on the site; it’ll convert better. Ultimately, it’ll tell google that the website offers a good user experience, which is a ranking factor. Pro tip: consider the site speed, the faster a site is, the better user experience they’ll get!


Try Email Marketing


If you are running on a tighter budget or wants direct interaction with your customer, you can opt for email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that have the highest return on investment. You can build loyalty, develop relationships with prospects and customers and create brand awareness through this. With this method, you don’t have anything to lose but so much to gain.


How To Do It?


What you need to do is to grow your email list. You can attract customers to give their email by adding a pop-up box to your online site that gives discounts and perks if they provide their email address. Another way is to let them sign up through their email for store updates and promotions. Once you have the mailing list, send each one of them your email marketing campaign. To make sure that your email will be attractive for them to open it, here are some of the things you can do:


  • Have a clear goal on what you want your email to be.
  • Create a simple and straightforward email template with subject lines, calls-to-action, and eye catching words.
  • Include a preview and brief explanation of the products and services you want to offer.


These top three free and paid options can certainly help you achieve your business goal. Just remember that same as everything, this requires planning and trial and error. Bring a whole lot of patience and some more determination, and you will succeed.

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