How To Factor In The Pandemic To Your SEO Strategy

How To Factor In The Pandemic To Your SEO Strategy

COVID-19 has tremendously affected businesses, even caused many of them to cease their operations permanently. Traditional means of promoting products and services such as face-to-face or live selling were restricted and many companies shifted to digital technology to fill the gaps and continue their operations.

So, how do you refine your marketing strategies during the pandemic? It’s high time to consider search engine optimization. But what are the important considerations when implementing your SEO strategies during this crisis?

Learn how to factor in the pandemic to your SEO strategy by reading some tips below.

Consider Hiring SEO Services

Even if your SEO report claims that your website is included on the second page of search engines, this result isn’t good enough. An excellent SEO strategy should give you a good return on investment (ROI) while ranking your website in the top three positions on page one of search engines. Therefore, it’s crucial to take into account hiring SEO services during the pandemic if you want to stand out from your competitors.

You might become even busier with your business operations during this pandemic—trying to recover your losses and sustain market demands by speeding up production. So, hiring someone to take charge of your SEO campaign is vital to allow yourself to focus on running your business.

Here are the benefits of taking advantage of SEO professional services:

  • A Great Investment: SEO should be an investment and not an expense. Hiring an SEO agency that offers full SEO services from content creation to optimization is the best decision you’ll ever make to maximize your SEO investment.
  • Service Guarantee: A good SEO company can offer a guarantee for their SEO services because they already have tested and proven strategies that actually work.
  • Peace Of Mind: Because SEO experts and professionals handle your SEO, you have an assurance that the results will be satisfactory. This way, you can focus on other important business matters.

Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy 

Content marketing and SEO shouldn’t be separated. They always come together in improving your traffic. Without great content, your SEO efforts fail. As much as you’d like to write for the sole purpose of SEO, it’s also crucial to take into account your readers or your target audience.

Because people are more exposed to digital information nowadays, they would instantly recognize content that’s merely posted to advertise. You wouldn’t want your visitors to exit your page after realizing that your content is just stuffed with keywords, irrelevant, or doesn’t address their questions or concerns.

So, how do you revamp your content marketing strategy? Here are some tips:

  • Write High-Quality Content: Be more detailed, comprehensive, and factual with your articles. Avoid too generic topics. Make your content unique and engaging.
  • Optimize: Apply some technical SEO tips you’ve learned such as adding keywords in your titles, subheadings, and image descriptions to allow search engines to scan and rank your web pages faster and easier than non-optimized content.
  • Update and Audit: Check your content and update them from time to time to provide your readers new information. Don’t forget to audit your performance using reliable tools to gain the best results.

Boost Your Off-Page SEO Tactics 

Your off-page SEO includes your web pages linked to external websites such as guest posts and social media posts. Once high domain authority websites add any of your web page’s links to their anchor texts (words or phrases embedded with links), search engines will find your website helpful and improve your ranking.

For this reason, you should boost your off-page SEO because many online users tend to explore other websites before they can get to yours. Now more than ever, more consumers do their transactions online, from setting up doctor’s appointments, paying bills, to shopping because of the rise of digital transformation. Hence, improving your off-page reach will increase your website’s visibility and allow people to recognize and remember your brand.

Here’s how to boost your off-page SEO:

  • Comment On Blogs: Share your thoughts and insights about a particular topic and mention your brand naturally.
  • Guest Posting: Provide fresh, relevant, and interesting content in your guest posts. Refrain from focusing only on linking your website—otherwise, this strategy may not work as expected.
  • Be Active In Forums: A great place to attract more people to visit your website are forums. Answer questions if you’re knowledgeable about the topic and subtly mention your website. 


After reading the article, you now have an idea of how to factor in the pandemic to your SEO strategy. There are creative ways to attain your SEO goals amidst the pandemic crisis, considering the current status of marketing products and services today. It’s crucial to hire SEO services to help you with your digital marketing campaign, gain organic traffic to your website, and boost your sales.


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