How To Get Followers on Twitter: Twitter Growth Tools and Tips

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How To Get Followers on Twitter: Twitter Growth Tools and Tips

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for brands, businesses, and everyday users. This social network is built on short “tweets” that are 240 characters or shorter. Gaining a large following on Twitter can be lucrative, but it’s difficult to amass those followers.

Luckily, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and tools to help improve your Twitter growth. Learn how to get more Twitter followers with our advice! 

How To Get More Twitter Followers 

      1. Use a Growth Tool 
      2. Tweet Consistently
      3. Complete Your Profile
      4. Post at the Right Time
      5. Use Hashtags and Trending Topics 
      6. Engage with Others
      7. Tweet Visual Media
      8. Host a Twitter Chat
      9. Promote Across Platforms


Use a Growth Tool

Managing social media accounts is a full time job for many people, but for others, it can be hard to stay on top of. If you’re busy running various social accounts or managing other aspects of your business, you probably don’t have time to focus on Twitter growth. Luckily, there are plenty of Twitter growth services that can do the work for you.

Twitter growth tools are services that can help your account grow while you focus on posting content or working on other projects. We’ve compiled a list of the best growth services for Twitter. If you’re looking for a hands-off way to get more Twitter followers, check out these services. 

These are the Best Twitter Growth Services:

      1. Twesocial
      2. HypeGrowth
      3. Jooicer
      4. Social Hackettes
      5. Tweet Attacks Pro




Twesocial is a Twitter growth service meant to help users grow their Twitter following, but with real followers. Unlike services selling fake followers, Twesocial ensures real, authentic Twitter users. This tool does not use bots or bulk fake accounts, but helps to increase your number of Twitter followers naturally. 

Twesocial makes it easy to get more followers on Twitter with little effort on your end. Their team of case managers works to attract real followers to your account, while you focus on sharing the right content for your brand. All you have to do is provide information about your interests and topics relevant to your brand and your follower base, and their advanced targeting does the work for you. 

Once you’ve answered a few questions about targeting, your case manager works to promote your Twitter account. They even help with content, creating graphics and recommending hashtags. This is a safe tool for Twitter growth, so your account can grow organically and safely. 


  • Real followers
  • Natural growth
  • Advanced targeting
  • Hashtag recommendations 
  • Content creation assistance 
  • Improved engagement



  • No fake followers
  • Slow, continuous growth 
  • Industry or topic niche targeting
  • Safe 



  • Can get expensive 



Twesocial is one of the best ways to get more Twitter followers without using fake followers or bots. This is a safe, organic way to increase your followers on Twitter.





HypeGrowth is another great Twitter growth tool that attracts real followers to your Twitter account. This service guarantees that real people will follow your Twitter, not fake accounts or bots. HypeGrowth can help improve your authority on Twitter and increase both your follower count as well as engagement rates. 

HypeGrowth does the work for you, so you can save time while your Twitter account grows. Whether you want to grow your Twitter for your business, blog, or just a personal account, HypeGrowth takes some of the work off of your plate. Simply fill out a questionnaire to direct the targeting for your growth and sit back while HypeGrowth does the rest.

Every HypeGrowth customer has a dedicated account manager who handles your Twitter audience targeting and growth. Their customer support line is available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat, so you can contact them with any questions or concerns. This service promises results in only 24-48 hours, so you can see the benefits right away. 


  • Real Twitter followers 
  • Improve authority on Twitter
  • Targeting questionnaire 
  • Account manager and customer support line 
  • Monthly Turbo Cleanup removes unwanted followers
  • Monthly campaign tweaks to improve targeting
  • Improved engagement



  • Slow, authentic growth  
  • Better engagement rates 
  • Removes unwanted followers
  • Monthly check ins to optimize campaign



  • Expensive to use with more than one account 



HypeGrowth is one of the most reliable ways to gain Twitter followers, with real results and a real person working to grow your account. 





Jooicer is another Twitter growth service that takes the work off of your plate. This tool helps you grow your Twitter following with a targeted audience defined by you. You can set rules in Jooicer’s dashboard about what kinds of accounts to follow and what actions you want your growth team to take, and they’ll do the work from there. 

Jooicer’s team does all the work on your Twitter account manually, so you are in full compliance of Twitter’s rules and terms of service. They make it easy to check your results on the dashboard and tweak the parameters of their advanced targeting. For those on a tight budget, they offer a free version that gives you suggestions without performing any of the actions themselves. 

On top of Twitter growth, Jooicer also offers “community curation,” a tool to help clear your account for people who don’t follow you back or recently unfollowed. Their pricing is simple, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your results.


  • Organic Twitter growth
  • Manual follow/unfollow
  • Adjustable targeting rules
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Community curation



  • Manual follower services 
  • Ability to adjust targeting
  • Follower cleanup 
  • Affordable 



  • Some users say they have to reconnect their account frequently



Jooicer is one of the safest ways to get more Twitter followers, as they use manual actions. This tool has other great features like an intuitive dashboard and follower cleanup. 



Social Hackettes 

social hackettes

Social Hackettes is a growth service for Twitter as well as other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, and TikTok. Regardless of what platform you’re looking to grow on, Social Hackettes promises 100% organic growth. Signing up is easy, and you get assigned a dedicated team to improve your social media performance.

Social Hackettes targets new followers based on your brand or business, and your goals. With that information, your team performs market research to come up with a strategy to fit your specific needs. Then, they deploy an engagement campaign to increase your followers and draw more visibility to your account. 

Social Hackette’s Twitter growth tools provide unlimited targeted engagement, automatic cleanup, and automatic responses to new followers. Their lowest tier plan promises 100-300 new followers a month, and results only go up from there!


  • 100% organic Twitter growth
  • Unlimited, targeted engagements 
  • Auto cleanup
  • Auto response to new followers
  • 24/7 email support 
  • Custom strategy for your brand
  • Advanced targeting 



  • Organic growth
  • Auto follower cleanup
  • Custom targeting
  • Affordable 



  • Only accepts a limited number of clients per month



Social Hackettes is a good choice for growing your Twitter account, with a custom strategy for your brand and useful targeting metrics.



Tweet Attacks Pro

Another popular Twitter growth service is Tweet Attacks Pro. This tool can manage all of your Twitter functions, and can even write and publish tweets for you! Tweet Attacks Pro helps grow your Twitter account by tweeting consistently for you, and also by engaging with others online. 

This tool helps grow your account by following accounts for you, unfollowing them if they are irrelevant or fail to follow back, and by engaging with users. You can set auto direct messages to connect with new followers, like and retweet tweets based on your chosen keywords, and more. You can control who and how frequently the service retweets for you, so that your feed is curated just as you prefer. 

Tweet Attacks Pro has a powerful search function to find tweets and users relevant to your brand. You can manage your entire account from their dashboard. This tool makes it easy to create and schedule tweets while also interacting with others, and it can even spin your tweets to share the same info in different formats. 


  • Twitter growth tool
  • Follows/unfollows accounts on your behalf
  • Follower cleanup 
  • Likes and Retweets on your behalf 
  • Set rules for frequency and content of actions
  • Advanced search function 
  • Schedule and publish tweets 
  • Message manager
  • Proxy support



  • Can help increase Twitter engagements and followers
  • Follower cleanup 
  • Advanced targeting and rules 
  • Manages all aspects of Twitter accounts



  • Not a user friendly dashboard; difficult to learn



Tweet Attacks Pro is an advanced software that has a lot of useful and unique features. It’s a good tool to take Twitter management off of your hands, but it is difficult to navigate for beginners.


Tweet Consistently

Even if you use a Twitter growth service to improve followers and engagements, you still need to post something for your followers to see! Tweeting consistently is key to getting your brand out there and bringing more visibility to your Twitter profile. 

Figure out a frequency of tweets that works for you. Some accounts tweet once a day, while others tweet several times a day. The goal is to tweet frequently enough to keep your followers hooked, but not so often that you are crowding their timeline. 

This balance can be hard to find, so try tweeting more frequently and monitor engagement. If your followers are favoriting and engaging with your tweets, it’s a sign that you can continue to tweet that frequently. If engagement falls off, you may want to tweet less regularly. 

Once you find a schedule that works for you, post quality tweets consistently so that your audience continues to grow and engage with your content.


Complete Your Profile

Make sure your profile is complete, with a profile picture, bio, location, and more information if applicable. A complete profile will make your account look real and trustworthy.

Your Twitter profile picture is a great way to showcase your brand or personality. Choose a profile photo of your logo, for brands and businesses, or a clear photo of your face for personal accounts. A high quality profile picture will make you look more professional and should encourage visitors to click the follow button.

Your Twitter bio is another opportunity to share your voice and draw in potential followers. Make it clear in your Twitter bio what your brand is all about. You can include hashtags that relate to your industry or niche, any important information, or something clever. If your business has a location, don’t forget to include it. For personal accounts, include your name as well as information like your profession, preferred pronouns, and any other important information about yourself.

A pinned tweet is another chance to share an important event, sale, or piece of information about your business. It could also be an opportunity to show off your personality or promote something important to you.

Your Twitter profile also allows you to add a link in the bio, and if you have a website it’s important to take advantage of this feature. Don’t forget to add a link, or use a link tool like or to add multiple links.


Post at the Right Time

Aside from the frequency with which you post, it’s also important to post at the right times. Many people search for the best time to tweet, but it depends on your followers. It’s best to post when your followers are online and able to see it, so that your tweet starts getting favorites and retweets right away.

Use Twitter insights to learn more about when your audience is online. From there, you can try to post when your followers are most active. Posting at night when most of your followers are asleep won’t result in much engagement, so look for Twitter analytics to help inform you on the best times to tweet.


Use Hashtags and Trending Topics 

Social media hashtags were created on Twitter, and they are still relevant today. Hashtags make it easier for your tweets to reach more users, improving your visibility. Use relevant hashtags for your industry, brand, or topic to help your tweet go viral.

You can also use trending topics or hashtags to take advantage of popular trends. When a large number of Twitter users tweet about the same topic or use the same hashtag, it created a trending topic in the search tab. If your brand can join in on these popular conversations, it can help a wide audience find your tweets and may lead to them following your account. 


Engage with Others

To get more followers on Twitter, it’s important to engage with your current followers and with others on the platform. If you see accounts posting similar content to your own, or an account in the same niche, consider following them and reaching out! This can help encourage them to follow you back, and may create a friendly relationship between you and others in your online community. 

Engage with your followers and others on Twitter and they will be more likely to engage back by following you, favoriting your tweets, or retweeting you. 


Tweet Visual Media

Tweets with visual media, like a photo, video, or GIF, tend to get more impressions, likes, and retweets. In fact, one study found that tweets with a video get 10x more engagement than tweets with only text. 

When possible, use visual media to attract more attention to your tweets. Whether it’s a photo or video of your own or a funny meme or GIF, using visuals helps to improve visibility and engagements on Twitter. 


Host a Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is a moderated conversation around a specific topic. They are often organized with a hashtag shared between all tweets involved, and these Tweet chats happen at scheduled times. If you are an authority on some topic, or you want feedback from your customers, a Twitter chat is a great way to further engage with people on Twitter and get more visibility for your brand.

To host your own Twitter chat, create a hashtag and set a topic, date, and time. Promote the online event in the days before to draw in a larger audience. Prepare some kind of format, whether it’s a Q&A session, moderated questions, or an organized conversation include other brands or leaders in the topic or industry.


Promote Across Platforms

Finally, promote your Twitter across social media platforms. If you have a website, you should promote your Twitter account on your website as well. Most brands use all the popular modes of social media, so be sure to connect your accounts so that your followers can find you on all social channels.


Final Thoughts

Use these Twitter growth tips to get more followers! Twitter is a great platform for promoting your brand, and our tips can help you grow your online audience.

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