How To Get More Instagram Likes in 10 Easy Steps

How To Get More Instagram Likes in 10 Easy Steps

Over 1 billion people use Instagram. 81% of those users say that Instagram helps them research products and services, and two out of three say Instagram helped them feel closer to a brand.

Brand engagement on social media is one of your most important strategies for growth. And one of the keys to that engagement? Instagram “likes.” 

instagram likes

Likes, comments, views, and reshares all drive your engagement up. So what’s a brand to do?

In this article, we’ll explain exactly how to get more Instagram likes with ten simple strategies. 


10 Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

Get more engagements on your posts with these simple tips!


Be Consistent

One of the most essential rules in building likes and followers is to post consistently. To maximize views and likes, you need to post when people are online. 

As you build a following, you should develop a posting cadence — for example, posting the same type of content on the same day each week. Trends like Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and Follow Friday (#FF) capitalize on a weekly cadence. 

Aim to post at high traffic times on a regular basis.  


Share Amazing Photos 


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Okay, we know this might seem obvious, but if you want to know how to get real likes on Instagram, it’s through absolutely scroll-stopping photos. The app is all about images, and brands and influencers who post the most appealing images get the most likes. 

Think about it. People are scrolling through Instagram mindlessly until a great photo makes them pause. You want them to pause on your posts!

Get to know tips and tricks for good photos, and download a photo editing app to help perfect your final image. 


Be Strategic with Captions

With everything we just said about photos, you might think captions aren’t all that important. 


Captions are key to pulling in your audience and making more “like” -able content. The photo gets them to stop on your post, but the caption creates connection and likes. 

Longer captions with relevant keywords help you show up in searches, and they draw followers into your brand’s story. In a good caption, you should express personality and help your followers see a human element to your post. Draw on empathy and connection. 


Grow Your Audience With the Right Hashtags

One of the top tips for how to get more Instagram likes is: Use the right hashtags!

You can use hashtags to ensure your target audience finds you, follows you, and likes your content.

We have a few tips you can put to use right away:

  • Don’t be too broad: Don’t use hashtags that are too general since your content will get buried in potentially billions of other posts. Instead, you want to think of hashtags that will draw in your particular niche audience. Those are the people who will give you likes.  


  • Use 3-11 hashtags: Don’t use too many hashtags since it can make you look desperate or simply unskilled. But you also want to be sure you use at least a small handful to maximize the chances you get seen.


  • Consider brand hashtags: Brands like Coca-Cola (#ShareACoke), McDonald’s (#McDStories), and Calvin Klein (#MyCalvins) promote their own unique hashtags. You can encourage your followers to share with your hashtag and create more traction for your brand or business. 


Tag Relevant Brands and Accounts

A great way to get likes is to tag other brands. If your photo includes products or content from another brand, tag them. There’s a high likelihood that they will like your post or even reshare and tag you. 

This tagging strategy is good etiquette but can also really increase your visibility, authority, and, of course, likes.


Use Location Tags

Instagram users use location tags to find recommendations for travel, dining, and even retail. Use location tags to get more traction based on your local area or popular destination relevant to what you do. 

Make sure your photo is related to the location and can stand out in the crowd.


Create Like-Based Giveaways and Contests

How to get likes on Instagram? Ask for them!

Yes, increased engagement can be that simple. Use a product giveaway, collaboration, or contest to drive traffic — and make sure that one of the requirements to enter is giving a like. 

These campaigns can be incredibly successful, particularly if you collaborate with another brand. Collaborations leverage the increase follower count of both brands and drive likes and comments through the competition requirements. 


Challenge Users to Tag a Friend

Similar to the tip above, you can also ask or challenge users to tag a friend. Imagine if you have 1,000 users, and they all tag a friend who then visits your page — you’ve doubled your views!

You can include tagging requirements in a contest or giveaway or simply include a cute caption encouraging people to share. 

For example: “Tag the person you’d most love to travel to Ireland with!”


Stay on Top of Trends

It goes without saying that to get likes, you need to post good content. But what qualifies as “good” or popular content can change frequently. People love when they see a trend put to good use.

To stay on top of trends, follow influencer accounts or brands who have significant clout online. See what’s working for them. What kind of graphics do they post? What photos are they using? How do they describe themselves?

Another great way to create trending content is to use memes. Some of the most popular brands will create posts based on trending humor and memes. These posts tend to get high visibility, likes, and reshares.


Post to Your Stories

Posts aren’t the only way to engage on Instagram anymore. You can create multiple types of content now, including:

  • Stories
  • Instagram Live
  • IGTV
  • Reels

A lot of users engage most frequently with stories instead of their timeline. But to get more likes, you need people to actually visit your post. The solution? Share your post directly to your story so that your followers see it at the top of their feed.


Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering how to get more Instagram likes, look no further! Try out these ten simple tips and tricks to increase likes, engagement, and ultimately, influence.

Social media is important for your business’ online presence, and it can even improve your SEO efforts. Start working on your social media strategy today!

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