How To Grant User Access in Google Analytics

google analytics user access

How To Grant User Access in Google Analytics

If you run a business or a website, it’s likely that you use Google Analytics to manage traffic and better understand how your website performs. Google Analytics also allows you to add new users to your account to share information, edit settings, and more.

Our team may ask for access to your Google Analytics account to fix any issues and to track and optimize your website’s performance. Granting another user access is the safest way to share your website’s data.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that helps businesses and websites evaluate their online content. Google Analytics helps to track traffic to your website and better understand your online campaigns and how customers reach your page. If you are marketing your business online, Google Analytics is extremely useful to understand how many people are visiting your website, how it ranks on Google searches, and more.

This tool works by adding a small piece of code to your website that tracks each users activity on your site. Some of the metrics tracked by Google Analytics include total number of sessions on your website, new users, pageviews, average session duration, and bounce rate. It also tracks where your website pages rank on Google for specific keywords or phrases. Ultimately, Google Analytics helps assess how a website performs on a wide variety of factors to help you optimize your site for customers.

Why is Google Analytics Important To My Business?

Google Analytics is important for your business because your website is likely a major player in how your business gains customers and spreads brand awareness. In our modern, technology-driven society, many people turn to Google to find products and services. Google Analytics helps you to see how your website performs so that you can improve it and make it easier for customers to find your business online.

Google Analytics is also helpful to get an idea of who your customers are and what interests them, based on various metrics provided. A thorough knowledge of Google Analytics can reveal many useful insights to improve both your website and your business.

How To Give New Users Access to Google Analytics

To grant a new user access to your Google Analytics account, follow these steps:

    1. Log into your Google Analytics account.
    2. From the menu, click “Admin”.
    3. In the Account column, click “User Management”.
    4. In the Accounts Users list, click +, and then click “Add New Users”
    5. Enter the email address for the user’s Google Account.
    6. Select “Notify New Users by Email” to send an email notifying the new user that they have access.
    7. Select all permissions, including Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate, and Read & Analyze.
    8. Click Add.
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