How to Make a Killer Website That Drives Traffic

How to Make a Killer Website That Drives Traffic

Several marketers and business owners have a shared goal of getting more website traffic. Maybe you have a brick-and-mortar establishment or an e-commerce store, your website is very significant because it is what will help you get customers, build trust in your brand, assist visitors in navigating and learning more about your offers, and it’s your online storefront basically.

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However, there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to gain more customers, even with your beautiful, easy-to-navigate site, if you don’t have enough traffic on your website. Every website thrives on traffic to grow and expand and if your website isn’t getting enough traffic, you’ll not be able to maximize your exposure and you will be barely discovered online. And, all these will affect the growth rate of your business.

Why More Website Traffic?

The truth of the matter is that traffic is very crucial for your website and there’s actually no back and forth about this. Yet, many business owners are still clueless, wondering why traffic is so significant for their websites.


In this world we’re in today where almost everything is digital, having a website is barely the surface, getting more visitors to visit it is more important. Considering how weighty this is, it’s advisable that you consider using a web developer that’s experienced and sage so that your website can be well-formatted and be receptive to your potential customers. Traffic is a driver of business growth and it’s also an important indicator. More so, it can be quite valuable in helping you to increase conversions, generate more leads, beef up your SEO and search engine credibility, make better decisions with the insights you gather about your audience and see how well your marketing is working.


As earlier mentioned, using the service of a professional web developer can be very advantageous because he or she will help ensure that the traffic that’s driven to your site is of good quality.

Channels that Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

Working together to drive visitors, there is a mix of channels you can always make use of to get your traffic and take note that free and high-quality website traffic isn’t generated by one “super” tool — just in case you have this in mind. Speaking of these tools, some of them require money, some may cost your time, and it may just be the efforts alone you need for some. These channels and strategies include;


  • Blogging
  • Online Ads
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Off-Page SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Online Directory Listings

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Whether you want to increase conversions or you just want more traffic, advertising is a great way to achieve your aim and you can always suit your goals by adjusting your paid strategies. You can get your site in front of people, build your brand, and attract visitors when you use display advertising, social media advertising, paid search, or any of your preferred forms of advertising.

Get Social 

We’re in the era of social media and you can use this as an advantage to get more traffic. Promoting your content with social media channels is a great way to increase traffic to your website. You may consider Instagram and Pinterest if you’re a B2C product company; if you want your site to show up in personalized search results, Google+ promotion can be very helpful; and for tempting, snappy, and short links, Twitter can be pretty ideal for that. Facebook too can be very helpful if you are selling products or services on your website.

Mix It Up

Your website will always welcome an influx of readers and because of the disparity in interests, it’s often a nice strategy to vary the length and format of your content. Thus, for maximum impact, have a mix of infographics and data-driven pieces, videos, long-form content, and short blog posts

Write Irresistible Headlines

Headlines are very catchy and this is one of the first things that will catch the attention of your visitors, especially if you are looking to gain more customers. It’s very vital that you master the art of headline writing because no matter how comprehensive your post may be, it’s likely to go unread if it doesn’t have a compelling headline. Noted to be a significant part of your content, headlines are not something that you should think less of. And, before you hit the “publish” button, make sure you think carefully about your headline.

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

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You would have probably heard of SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization and this also plays a crucial role in the traffic of your website. You can get your organic traffic boosted with SEO; you just have to be mindful of your meta descriptions, the internal and external links, and your image alt text.


Making a killer website that drives traffic isn’t a painstaking thing to do and other methods you can employ to drive traffic to your website include targeting long-tail keywords, guest blogging, inviting others to guest blog on your site, going after referral traffic, and posting content to LinkedIn.

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