How To Use SEO To Boost Your Business on Amazon

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How To Use SEO To Boost Your Business on Amazon

Although this article is going to be dedicated to boosting your business on this website, firstly, we should give you more information regarding Amazon ranks products and how everything works.

It’s important for you to comprehend that the way users search on this site is different from Google. Namely, when consumers look for items on Amazon, they are only able to find the stuff that you’re selling if their search queries match the keywords you placed.

That’s why you should utilize keywords that others use to find things that are similar to yours. At times keyword selection can be challenging. Just focus on the customer’s experience and do your best to improve it.

Super Cool Tips To Enhance Amazon SEO


Focus On Competition


Although thinking of dealing with the competition can be quite overwhelming and intimidating, it’s actually a good thing and something you should be focusing on. Research the ones that are closest to you.

If you manage to understand your biggest rivals on Amazon, carefully assess their products on the search pages, you will get a better idea of what is actually working and what isn’t. This tactic is going to help you enhance your business strategies.

Go through the stuff they sell, read their consumer reviews, take a look at their prices, pictures, and how frequently they are changing descriptions. Perceive all these elements as guidelines on what you should be working on.

Amazon Seller Tools


As a newbie all these business-related strategies can be a bit complicated, however, things like Amazon seller tools can help you smartly optimize your business. SEO experts at suggest that you should get yourself familiar with these tools to get the best results. Online markets offer a plethora of them, and we are going to list a few:

  1. Keyworx – It was developed primarily for Amazon sellers. With this one, you will easily get on top of keywords. Furthermore, it has a subscription fee that has to be paid each month, however, it involves training, tutorials, and high-quality support.
  2. Octoparse – Now, this tool can derive info regarding customer reviews, product information, and profiles. Besides that, it also gives embedded Amazon web scraping templates.
  3. Price Blink – It represents an add-on that you can install to your browser and it showcases the lowest prices on a particular product across various different sites and it’s perfect for Amazon FBA sellers.

What Else Can You Do To Improve SEO?

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Have A Keyword Research


If you have any experience with SEO then you probably know how important it is to conduct keyword research. In comparison to the traditional SEO, the Amazon version has a couple of similarities.

Long-tail keywords should be your primary concern. What do they represent? Namely, these keywords typically consist of three words or more. Usually, when users search for things on this website, they tend to utilize precisely long-tail keywords.

Moreover, they are going to help interested leads locate your items listings. Therefore, it’s of huge importance to focus on all-important keywords. You do not want to potentially miss out on all those crucial leads because you didn’t involve particular keywords in your Amazon product list.

Customer Reviews


In most cases, before making any purchase from an online shop, they first read the reviews from former or current consumers. Most people continuously look for reviews once they decide to launch their own business.

That’s why having feedback is of great relevance when developing an SEO strategy. According to the newest research findings on Google’s ranking elements, the keyword incorporation from reviews, along with the presence of the latest customer feedback make up approximately fifteen percent of the signals that define your site’s ranking.

Therefore, you should be very consistent when it comes to this. Ensure you are posting regular reviews on your website. It also wouldn’t hurt if you added reviews from third-party websites, such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, and many others.

When picking the best ones, make sure to gather reviews that are extremely detailed and informative. To stimulate your consumers to write high-quality comments, include additional incentives for shares and added images.


Those who have purchased products online, probably know that Amazon is one of the most popular websites when it comes to finding great reviews. A lot of people turn to it before making any decision regarding any products. That’s why a lot of people are trying to find smart ways to upsurge their business on these websites. With the help of these tips, you will be able to do that too!

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