How Videos And Images Can Help With Your SEO Strategy

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How Videos And Images Can Help With Your SEO Strategy

By now, it’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) comes with a significant advantage in the modern-day world. The Internet is becoming all the more popular and in-demand, and this also means stronger competition. Thus, it’s not just enough to have a website, and not strive to keep its features strong enough to ensure success. Otherwise, no matter how well-made your website is, if it isn’t tailored within the metes and bounds of what a good SEO strategy is, your website will still fail.

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SEO refers to all of the standards and metrics in place, which can help your website rank better. These are applied by businesses and websites with the help of expert marketers and SEO agencies, such as A1 SEO Glasgow. Because of its positive effects in the industry today, it’s safe to consider it as the holy grail of all strategies that make websites rank better. This means that by adhering to the right SEO tactics, your website can make it to the top of the search results pages, which also increases your chances of getting more visitors for your website.

SEO strategies are quite widespread, so even if you may have been using SEO for quite some time now, it pays to be up to date on latest advancements in the field.

If you haven’t optimized the use of videos and images yet on your website, this article gives you a comprehensive guide on how videos and images can help you with your SEO strategies.

Enable Your Website To Rank Higher In Terms Of Media Search

Google photo and video searches are becoming just as popular as other types of searches made on search engines. The reason for this is simple: human beings are visual people, and apart from reading, they also like to obtain information from stills and videos. Even if your website has amazing, up-to-date content, but the media quality is poor, then you’re still on the losing end against your competitors.

Especially now that the competition is getting a lot stiffer, it’s all the more necessary for websites to strive for the highest ranking possible. You can make your website more pleasing to the standards and metrics set forth by Google through incorporating the proper videos and images.

Along this line, this fact is non-negotiable for those of you reading this with websites for e-commerce purposes. You can’t attract new customers to visit your website when there are no optimized photos of what you’re selling. Remember that with an e-commerce website, you need to create the same pleasant shopping experience that your customers will have had they been shopping from a physical store instead. In the absence of physical inventory, your online shop with relevant photos and videos should suffice as convincing enough to entice sales.

Draw Attention And Trigger Emotions

As human beings are inherently visual people, it’s also not surprising at all that having relevant photos and videos on your website can draw attention and trigger emotions. This is a good way to succeed with SEO as it sets your website apart from others, and it convinces your target customers why they should proceed with supporting your website, and not the competition’s.

Tugging at the heartstrings and emotions of your target customers gives you that edge, marketing-wise. You can use those media to draw more customers in, and, then, keep them engaged in what your content has to offer.

Overall, this enables your website to create an overall positive experience for your website visitors. You can urge them to linger on your site for a longer time and be converted as paying customers. You can achieve this when you’re able to give your customers a pleasant and happy experience online, particularly while shopping, as there are proper photos and videos to support the product descriptions.

Can Make Your Content Go Viral

Because of the lasting effect that photos and videos can have on the human brain, it follows too, that these media are a failproof way to make your content go viral. Think of social media as a concrete example. Almost every trend that went viral started out as photos and videos on various social media accounts. Thus, you’re most likely to increase your site’s popularity through attention-grabbing photos and videos.

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When it comes to going viral, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to gain millions of likes and views overnight. But, at least, use photos and videos to drive buzz and popularity around your website. When this is achieved, that’s when you also know you’ve made it well and successful enough with your SEO strategies. The more popular you are, the higher your website traffic will be, and the more successful you’ll be in your digital marketing pursuit.

If you’re keen on getting started with posting photos and videos that’d eventually go viral, here are some tips you can use to your advantage:

  • Optimize your image and video size, such that you’re able to have the perfect balance of good quality media, without slowing your page loading speed. In today’s day and age wherein speed is also king, no Internet user will ever have the patience to wait long for a page to load, when there are other websites that have similar products as you do, and which have a better page loading speed.
  • Use alt tags, or alternative tags, also fondly referred to as the captions for your photos. You may not think of these things as necessary. But, if your purpose is to create viral content, the alt tags give off that sense of convenience to your website visitors. For example, you may have website visitors with a slower connection, and the pages aren’t loading well on their end. Without alt tags, you lose those potential website visitors, as they have no means to determine what those images are all about.
  • Use unique images and videos. There’s really nothing wrong with using stock media. But, when your goal is to create viral content, you may want to elevate your strategy beyond simply using stock media. This may not suffice any longer, given that there are also so many other companies that could be sharing and using the same stock photos and videos. If you haven’t already, it actually doesn’t hurt to take the extra step of having your own photos and shooting your videos. When your images and videos are original, it’s easier for your target audience to associate those media as your own, giving you total ownership over the honor when those media do get viral.
  • Show real people. This is a very strategic way to have media that stand out and can go viral. Yes, you’re a corporate or business entity, but behind that corporate veil, there are human beings who are running your business. Don’t shy away from showing images and videos of real people. This is advantageous for your business, such that your followers will be able to see the human side of you. It makes you more relatable, which can instantly up your SEO game.

In the same vein as human beings being visual individuals, it’s also safe to conclude that your website can gain more views when there are images and videos. The reason for this is that with images and videos, you’re successfully able to appeal to a wider range of visitors. You’re able to catch the soft spot of those would-be market that prefers videos and images, and even those who have no problem at all going through text.


 Bring Your Products And Services To Life

When it comes to SEO, content is always the core focus of ensuring your website ranks well. Without good content, it’d be hard for your business to improve its rankings. That’s because search engines’ crawlers won’t have keywords to skim through, and such keywords can help your website make it on the top search results. So, it’s understandable that there’ll be a lot of effort made into creating good content.

However, to have an effective website, it’s important to also note that content marketing isn’t comprised only of text. Your content should be a mix-and-match of text, images, and videos for it to be effective. Without images and videos, you may end up boring your audience out with a text-heavy website. And, not many are patient enough to actually go through long texts, just to understand and have a full grasp of your message.

Those are the reasons why it’s important to have images and videos in your SEO strategy. With those types of media, your website visitors won’t have to try and imagine what your descriptions mean.

When you’re giving your website visitors that convenience, it also contributes to your customer satisfaction. When customers are the core of any business, it’s very important to nourish and nurture your relationship with them. The happier they are with your website, the higher the likelihood that they’ll actually stay and continue supporting your business.


 It Fuels Social Media Popularity

One of the biggest facets of SEO strategies relates with digital marketing strategies. These are a wide and all-encompassing term used to refer to the strategies for you to market your business on the online platform. When you dig deeper and go more specific, such strategies include social media marketing.

Especially with the rise and advancements of smartphones, social media use has grown in popularity. Individuals love to tinker on their phones during their free time, and this necessarily includes going through their social media accounts. With that also comes the rising population of users on various social media websites.

So, it follows that to excel in SEO and rank better in search results, websites also need to aim for higher social media popularity. Otherwise, if you don’t have presence on the social media community, you’re also depriving yourself of the possible benefits that it can bring. In your pursuit of gaining popularity in the social media community, you ought to know that one of the failproof ways of achieving it is through having photos and videos on your website. After all, many social media sites are media-oriented—thin, Facebook, Instagram, and, of course, YouTube.

With consistency, your popularity on social media sites will follow be followed by other advantages for your company. These are along the lines of improved brand loyalty, increased traffic, and overall better SEO.

If you’re still not convinced that social media popularity has advantages for your business, here’s a list of some of its benefits:

  • It solidifies your brand identity, particularly when your media theme, motif, and style remain consistent throughout your various social media pages.
  • It generates more online traffic as social media can open you up to a wider range of customers, even those you never thought you could reach, demographically or geographically.
  • It results in better conversion rates as social media can also foster more personal, direct, one-on-one interactions than how it would’ve been if you only had a website.
  • It enables you to reach out to and partner with influencers. The popularity of social media has brought in a new wave of celebrities on the online platform, also referred to as the influencers. When you have a strong social media presence, you can also now reach out to those influencers to form a part of your marketing campaigns.

This fact is another advantage for your business, SEO-wise. When you’re now able to     attach your brand with influencers, and start influencer and affiliate marketing, your     website’s popularity increases. Influencers are well-trusted by their respective followers,     so, when they promote your products and services, you may successfully have a new      influx of followers and customers yourself. This fact makes your brand more popular,     thereby also increasing SEO rankings.



As you can see, videos and images on your website are there for a couple of great reasons. There are so many advantages that come alongside having the right videos and images on your site, and that’s even all the more reason for you to prioritize their use and power. It takes a lot of research and effort to get things right, but once you get used to the most effective strategies, having photos and videos on your website already becomes second nature to your web creation team. With the numerous advantages that incorporating videos and images come with, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t strive to make it a priority technique in the entirety of your SEO strategy.


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