Is Pinterest Good for SEO on Your Website?

is pinterest good for seo

Is Pinterest Good for SEO on Your Website?

Pinterest is an engaging social media platform because it’s a convenient way to drive traffic to your website. Over 450 million people use Pinterest every month, so getting attention there can drastically influence your business.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! depend on keywords and links to rank their results, while Pinterest gives users a more organic way to find what they need. Users on Pinterest typically like to browse, so having eye-catching images and creative text makes all the difference in your traffic.

Does Pinterest Help with SEO? 

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Is Pinterest good for SEO? Yes, in an exciting way. Pinterest ranks profiles and content by tracking data like engagement and social shares compared to Google’s use of backlinks and keywords. 

Pinterest also sends traffic to your website. If people find your pins or boards and click through to your website, that means more traffic on your site. The more traffic, the better for SEO. You might even gain a loyal follower to your blog!


How To Use Pinterest for an SEO Boost

To get started, create a Pinterest business account with a username optimized for SEO. Your username will go in your Pinterest URL, so using something relevant to your business will help you show up in search results across the internet. Ideally, you should use your business’ name. 

You can add keywords to your profile, which will help with SEO. Create your first Pinterest board by titling it something relevant to the content (and also SEO-friendly). 

Now, it’s time to create content for your Pinterest account.


Creating Pinterest Content

When you prepare Pinterest content, keep in mind that it’s best to keep your boards as focused as possible. Your website might cover various aspects of kitchen appliances, but you shouldn’t lump everything together on one board.

Have separate boards for microwaves, blenders, and utensils to increase your visibility. This will also help people better search for and find what they’re looking for and improve your visibility on Pinterest searches and hashtags.

Canva is a free site that will allow you to create attention-grabbing images for your Pinterest boards. Add text to your pictures that inspire a call to action and explain what the viewer will learn.

For example, write “How to Save Hundreds of Dollars When Shopping” instead of “Reasons to Go Thrift Shopping.”

There is a lot of content on Pinterest, so you want to make sure that the images you create will make a user stop scrolling and click to see more. Once you grab them, they’ll be more likely to visit your profile and website for more information.


How Pinterest Boosts SEO

After you’ve added your images and links to Pinterest, you can also incorporate them into your website or blog. Adding images to your page makes your content look more appealing, and you can install a Save button so users can add your information to their Pinterest boards without ever leaving your site.

You can periodically check and see what content is getting saved to Pinterest, which will help you figure out what content you can add to your website to pull in more traffic. The more your content gets pinned, the higher your site will rank in Pinterest’s domain quality.

As you see what content is getting pinned and driving users to your site, you can update your keywords accordingly. You can use keywords in your Pinterest profile, board titles, pin descriptions, and image text.

Whether you intend to benefit from Pinterest or traditional search engines, you have to remember that content is king. Good content will get you more attention than lackluster information that follows every SEO tip by the book.


Final Thoughts

Social profiles are important to your website’s SEO, and they also make your business look more legitimate. Pinterest is a powerful social media platform, both on its own and in relation to how it can boost your SEO.

Create a Pinterest today and start pinning to benefit from Pinterest SEO!

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