Kicksta Reviews

kicksta reviews

Kicksta Reviews

Kicksta is one of the most popular online services offering Instagram followers. This growth service promises organic growth, with “no spam, no fake followers, no bots”. Kicksta guarantees customers real followers, so your account shouldn’t be flooded with fake accounts or spammy bots. 

There are plenty of online services promising Instagram growth, but only a few are high quality. Kicksta is a solid choice for anyone looking to increase their Instagram following, as it is relatively safe and reliable. 


How Does Kicksta Work? 

Kicksta uses artificial intelligence technology to help grow your Instagram account. When you sign up with Kicksta, you provide a list of your competitors, influencers, and complementary accounts within your niche or industry. This helps Kicksta to target those accounts’ followers, as they are following similar accounts to yours and are more likely to follow and engage with your content. 

Once you’ve signed up and provided the necessary information, Kicksta’s software auto-likes your targeted followers’ posts from your account to engage with them. This is meant to catch their attention so that those users check out your profile and follow you. All you have to do is frequently post high quality content, and Kicksta will help bring you new followers. 


Is Kicksta Safe? 

Yes, Kicksta is a safe choice if you need to grow your Instagram followers. They use safe, organic growth methods. Unlike other growth services, they won’t give you fake followers, and the growth occurs slowly over time, so it doesn’t send any red flags to Instagram. 

Our Kicksta Review

Kicksta offers slow but steady Instagram growth, which is the best and safest way to find followers. Their liking method attracts the attention of accounts in your niche, so that users will check out your profile and hopefully give you a follow. 

What We Like

  • Organic growth methods
  • Targets real followers
  • No contract – month to month payments, cancel anytime


What We Don’t Like

  • Growth can be unreliable – some weeks with lots of new followers, some weeks with very few
  • Only relies on likes, which may not attract the attention of less active users 


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Jeremy Richards
Jeremy Richards
22:26 04 Apr 19
Knowledgeable and easy to work with. They make Instagram easy for those of us who aren’t that savvy. Growth has been great and the followers have been quality. Couldn’t be happier.
18:59 05 Apr 19
Kicksta provides quality growth management for our clients, adds tons of value, and is quick to respond to our creative agency of brand managers. The work they do is great, and the service is even better!
Judd Bowman
Judd Bowman
21:58 04 Apr 19
Excellent service. They walk the walk and I highly recommend. Thank you!
Pamela Standish
Pamela Standish
16:33 08 Apr 19
I went form 150 followers to 1500 followers in 3 months. Although the following rate is slowing down,a s a relatively new business, it was essential I up my following numner and Kicksta was intrumental in doing so.
Doc Vail
Doc Vail
15:51 09 Apr 19
The service works well enough. The online dashboard isn't as useful since the recent update.
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