Using Multi-Location SEO to Increase Private Dining Leads

private dining seo case study

Using Multi-Location SEO to Increase Private Dining Leads

About the Client 

Platform: WordPress

Goals: Increase private dining leads for all locations, improve location-based organic search rankings 

Strategy: Landing page optimization, on-page optimization, link building


About the Campaign

The client, Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, is a multi-location restaurant that serves sustainably sourced, farm-to-table cuisine. Their health-conscious, rotating menu helps them to stand out among other restaurants and adds the appeal of new menu items each season. They wanted to improve organic search rankings for all of their locations as well as increase private dining leads for each location. 

The restaurant has nine locations in total. Locations in Pennsylvania include Lancaster, Radnor, North Wales, Newtown, Montage, Harrisburg, and Glen Mills. They also have locations in Moorestown, NJ, and Delray Beach, FL. Improving search rankings and event leads for such a wide spread of locations requires a focused SEO strategy. 


Our Strategy

Ranking a multi-location restaurant requires a different strategy than a single-location business. We performed a thorough audit of their site to identify any issues and see what pages they had before implementing our strategy. We also performed keyword research to better appeal to their health niche and to find the best keywords for each location. 

To increase rankings and private event leads in each location, one private dining page won’t work. We built keyword and location specific pages for private dining in each area

This strategy works better to rank for multiple locations because it considers search intent. A potential lead for the Florida location will most likely search “private dining Delray Beach,” while a lead in Radnor would most likely search “Radnor private dining”.

Keyword focused, location-specific pages help multi-location businesses reach clients in each specific area. We also built pages for specific types of private events, like birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers, and so on. 

We also started a link building campaign to build authority for their site. When we started, their website lacked the foundational links needed to create legitimacy in the eyes of search engines like Google. Links to a website from other high authority, niche relevant websites are essentially votes that show that a website is relevant and verifiable. Building links improves a website’s domain rating and rankings

We built links to each location page to improve rankings for both local and niche keywords. Our link building campaign also included the use of press releases, which linked back to the site while also sharing important information about special dining offers and updates on their seasonally changing menu. 



After implementing this strategy beginning in January 2017, the client is ranking on the first page of search results for private dining searches in each location. They are ranked as the first organic result for over 40 keywords, each for different locations and types of private events. 

corporate dining search result

Search results for “corporate private dining North Wales PA”


On the search engine results pages, they are the first listed in the Google Maps listings for most locations. The Maps results appear before any other organic rankings on the page, making it a lucrative space to hold. 

Harvest google maps results

Google Maps results for “private dining Moorestown NJ” search


radnor private dining

Google Maps and Search results for “private dining Radnor PA”


Here, they hold the first Google Maps result for “Glen Mills restaurant” earning them not only private dining, but normal customer leads.

glen mills restaurant

Google Maps and Search results for “Glen Mills restaurant”


Since beginning our campaign, the client’s private dining leads have increased drastically, earning over 10,000 leads over 3 years for nine locations


What We Learned 

This campaign taught us that a multi-location restaurant can rank for each location by creating individual landing pages. By optimizing each landing page for a specific location and private dining event and by building links to those pages, we were able to improve their search rankings and increase their private event leads, which directly increased revenue from private dining.

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