NYC Restaurant SEO & Event Leads Case Study

nyc restaurant and private dining case study

NYC Restaurant SEO & Event Leads Case Study

About the Client

Platform: WordPress

Niche: Restaurant and Private Dining

Goals: Increase organic search traffic, increase private event leads

Strategy: On-page optimization, landing page optimization, and link building



About the Campaign

The client, Copinette, wanted to improve their search result rankings and increase private dining leads through their website. They are based in Midtown, Manhattan, which is an area of heavy competition for restaurants. Standing out against all the restaurants offering private dining in NYC is a challenge, especially in competitive Google search results.

Our Strategy

After auditing the client’s website, we put together an SEO strategy, focusing on private dining events. We did a competitive analysis and keyword research to put together a comprehensive plan to optimize their website for organic traffic and leads.

We updated their current landing pages, optimizing for the targeted keywords on each page. Our goal was to help them rank for restaurant and private dining keywords by location, for both NYC and Midtown East specifically. As always, we considered search intent when targeting keywords. We targeted keywords like “Midtown East private dining”, “private dining NYC”, and more specific searches for private events like corporate parties, holiday parties, baby showers, and so on.

Aside from on-page optimization, we also launched a link building campaign. Links from relevant websites to your website essentially count as “votes” in the eyes of Google, so the more links to a website, the more authority and rankings. By linking to the client’s website on targeted keywords like “private dining Midtown NYC”, we were able to help improve their rankings for those search terms.


Our SEO strategy was implemented starting in June 2019 with great success. The campaign brought in over 200 private dining leads, 112 of which were closed for successful private events. Our metrics estimate over $120,000 in revenue from these leads, as seen below.


The increase in private dining leads was a direct result of improved Google rankings. The client’s website moved up almost 900 spots in assorted Google search rankings.

Those rankings include frequently searched, highly competitive keywords such as “private dining NYC” which is searched thousands of times per month. The client’s site is on page 1 of Google search results for various keywords related to their location and private dining and other private events. These rankings brought in those 200+ leads seen above.

What We Learned

This campaign taught us that a focused SEO strategy can yield results, even in a highly competitive niche like NYC restaurants and private dining. Through keyword research, link building, and landing page optimization, we were able to significantly improve rankings and bring in over 200 private dining leads over less than six months.

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