7 Top-Rated Press Release Services for Creation and Distribution

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7 Top-Rated Press Release Services for Creation and Distribution

Press releases may sound like a thing of the past, but they have various uses in modern marketing. These announcements can be used to share information about your company, but they also work as an SEO tactic to create backlinks and contextual relevance for your website. But how do you get your press releases shared, seen, and published by the right sources

Press release distribution services work to syndicate your press releases so that they are published in all the right places. There are also press release writing services that help you to craft the perfect press release. Broader press release services can do both of these things, handling your PR strategy for you! 

Learn about the best press release services to improve your online marketing.  

What is a Press Release? 

A press release is a public statement announcing something newsworthy. Press releases are typically meant to be as unbiased as possible, so while they are a promotional tool, they should be written objectively. 

A press release should cover the 5 Ws: who, what, when, where, and why. It should succinctly share the important details about the news it contains, including any important details. Most press releases also include a general background of the company it’s about or other contextual information. 


What are Press Releases Used For? 

Press releases are often meant to be delivered to members of the news media to further disseminate the information they contain. Modern press releases aren’t just sent to news stations, however. 

In the world of SEO, press releases are useful to both convey the news that they share and to build links back towards your website. If you distribute a press release across different media sources on the internet, it will create backlinks for your website. 

Google sources have denied the effectiveness of press releases for SEO, but many companies still depend on this tried and true strategy to create links and relevance for their website. 


How To Distribute Press Releases 

Say you’ve written a press release with important news about your company. How do you distribute the press release to relevant sources in the media?

The answer is press release distribution services. There are various online services that have connections to various online and news publishing companies, so they can distribute your press releases for you to ensure maximum reach and visibility


Press Release Creation and Distribution Services 

Whether you need a press release written, distributed, or both, we’ve compiled the best press release services on the market today. Find the best services for press releases this year.


The Hoth 

the hoth press release service

If you’re creating press releases for SEO purposes, rely on a reputable SEO company like The Hoth. The Hoth offers writing services to create a press release for you, as well as press release distribution services. Streamline your press release creation and distribution with The Hoth. 

The Hoth uses only vetted, top writers to create content for you, and you can approve the press release or request edits before it’s distributed. All you have to do is provide the information you want covered, as well as any keywords, URLs, and special instructions. Your press release will be search optimized, and there are unlimited revision requests allowed. 

Once your press release is approved, The Hoth will share it with hundreds of high quality news distribution channels. This gives quality and authoritative backlinks to your website, and gets the latest news out about your business, helping with brand awareness and publicity. 


  • Press release writing
  • Unlimited revisions 
  • SEO optimized press releases
  • Large, quality distribution network
  • Detailed reporting 



  • Press release writing and distribution all in one
  • Unlimited revisions
  • SEO included
  • Trustworthy distribution network



  • No guarantee on what sites will pick up your press release



The Hoth is a trusted SEO company with great products, and their press release writing and distribution service is no different. This is a reliable, quality way to share press releases from creation to reporting.


SEO Butler 

seo butler press release

SEO Butler is another well known and respected service for SEO content. You can use this tool to get a few different services to improve your website, including content creation, guest posting, general citations, and social signals. They also offer press release writing and syndication! 

SEO Butler can create a press release for your business with a quick turnaround time of 3-5 days. Once you’ve approved the press release, they will syndicate it to 300-400 or more news channels, helping direct hundreds of possible links back to your website. They also guarantee Google news inclusion, so your press release will be shared through Google news. 

This service offers both a premium and standard option, so you can choose how much to spend. Both prices are great considering you can get a well-written press release created and shared to major news sources, helping create live links to your website. 


  • Start to finish service 
  • Press release writing
  • Press release distribution
  • Written by native English speakers
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Google news inclusion
  • 300-400 news channels
  • Premium or standard options





  • No pricing for only distribution



SEO Butler is a great choice for anyone who needs their press releases handled from start to finish. They will craft a solid press release, and, with your approval, help syndicate it to the best online sources.




eReleases is one of the best press release distribution services, and they also offer press release writing. You can outsource the entire press release process to eReleases and rest assured that you’ll have a high quality press release published on hundreds of news sites!

eReleases boasts an exclusive database of subscribing journalists and a proven track record of reaching journalists, reporters, bloggers and more in their network. All press releases created by eReleases are SEO optimized to improve their effectiveness. 

To distribute your press releases as broadly as possible, eReleases uses the largest national newswire distribution channel. They target industry-specific news outlets and websites to improve the relevance of your press release. eReleases also offers a detailed report to show your traffic, audience, engagement, and more.


  • Press release writing
  • Press release distribution
  • Largest PR distribution network
  • SEO optimization
  • Targeted syndication
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Exclusive database of subscribed journalists 



  • Writing and distribution
  • Largest network of media sources
  • Targeted distribution



  • Cost



eReleases is one of the best press release services out there, taking you from creation to syndication of your press release. While their packages are pricey, they are worthwhile.


Linking News

linking news pr

Linking News claims to be the #1 press release distribution service with the largest PR network. They work with big names like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more, so your press release may be featured on a major news network through Linking News’ distribution services.

Linking News offers white label services, so your press release will appear without any labels showing how it was distributed. They have a huge network of news outlets, websites, and publishers, working with over 330,000 publications. This service guarantees placement on premium news and media sites.

Because of their large network, Linking News can help improve your brand’s visibility and SEO by giving you quality backlinks from high authority sites. The only downside to this service is that they do not offer press release creation. You’ll have to write your own press release or use one of the writing services we mention above, then distribute through Linking News. 


  • Press release distribution
  • Large network of publications and journalists
  • Guaranteed placement on premium news sites
  • White label distribution
  • English and Chinese distribution networks 
  • Various plans and prices 



  • Huge network of publishers
  • Guaranteed placement on authority news sites 
  • White label option 



  • No writing services, only distribution
  • Premium distribution packages are expensive



Linking News is one of the best tools out there for press release distribution. If you want to write your own press release, consider sharing it through Linking News.



newswire pr

Newswire is a press release distribution company that is trusted by many PR companies and SEO experts alike. With great reviews and a simple, straightforward service, this is a great tool to get your news out there about your business.

Newswire is all about distributing “the right message to the right people at the right time”. They are focused on targeting the right audience for your press releases so that they have the most effect possible. Newswire works with thousands of media outlets, both regional, national, and international. 

Newswire offers different packages depending on your goals and target audience. They can deliver to major news outlets, online publications, and more, and always promise on-time delivery and results. They also offer robust analytics to track progress. With Newswire, you do have to provide the content for your press release yourself.


  • Press release distribution
  • Thousands of publishers and media outlets 
  • Targeted distribution based on your industry and target audience
  • Varied packages for regional, state, national, and international PR 
  • Robust analytics and reporting


  • Huge distribution channel
  • Works with major media outlets 
  • Targeted distribution for better results 



  • No writing service – distribution only 
  • Premium plans can get expensive fast



Newswire is a great, reliable source for PR distribution. If you’re comfortable writing your own press releases, this is a solid service to spread the news.


EIN Presswire 

ein presswire

EIN Presswire is short for “Everyone’s Internet News Presswire”, so they’re a great solution for building links via press releases online. This service prides itself on being an affordable way to syndicate press releases, with great packages as well as pay-as-you-go options with no contracts or membership fees. 

EIN Presswire is committed to distributing press releases to the right audience, helping businesses reach their key targets rather than randomly syndicating your content. They work with large networks like Google news, Yahoo, CBS, NBC, FOX, and many more large and small networks in varied industries.

This service only offers distribution, not content writing services, so you’ll have to craft your own announcements before sending them through EIN Presswire. 


  • Press release distribution
  • Affordable packages
  • Large network of media sources
  • Targeted delivery



  • Affordable compared to competitors
  • Works with large and reputable news sources
  • Industry targeting



  • No writing services included



EIN Presswire is a great option for anyone in need of distributing press releases, although they do not write them for you. 




PRWeb is another big player in press release distribution. This tool is one of the most commonly used to share press releases for brand visibility as well as SEO backlinks. PRWeb has unique tools to help you get the most from your press release.

While PRWeb does not offer content creation for press releases, they do offer tools to help create a story to share your brand’s information. PRWeb’s “Create” tool makes it easy to embed images, highlighting “call-out quotes”, adding links, videos, and more. They also automatically optimize all press releases for search engines.

PRWeb offers high quality distribution, with hundreds of news sources, websites, blogs, and even influencer targeting and social media distribution. They also offer tracking to measure performance like pick-up rates, traffic details, audience information, engagement, and more.


  • Press release distribution
  • Create tools to improve PR performance
  • SEO optimization
  • Large distribution network
  • Influencer and social media targeting
  • Performance tracking 



  • Ability to edit and optimize your press release
  • Social media sharing
  • Influencer targeting
  • Large network of websites and media sources



  • No writing services offered, only distribution



PRWeb offers good prices for a great distribution service that can help get your press release out to the public while creating links for your website. 


Final Thoughts

Press releases are not dead, and many SEO experts still swear by this strategy for creating links and relevance for your brand. Use one of the press release creation or distribution tools to improve your SEO and overall brand strategy online. 

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