SEO is Farming, Facebook Ads & Google Adwords are Hunting

SEO is Farming, Facebook Ads & Google Adwords are Hunting

When it comes to digital marketing, my opinion is strong on integrating both long term and short term tactics to help a business grow.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Long Term

Search engine Optimization usually takes time to gain rank on the first page for Google and Bing search results.  This long term strategy, when properly executed, pays off for many months and years.  Having your business listed in the top 5 to 10 spots on important keyword searches will gain you more traffic and hopefully more customers.

It takes weeks, if not months or longer to gain first page rank.  There are many factors involved and competition for the keywords is something you will need to understand.  The more competitive keywords you target the longer it might take to rank.  It is absolutely worth the wait and you should start this tactic now, if you have not already.

Google Adwords – Short Term

Google Adwords are a quick way to buy clicks and show up on top for competitive keywords.  Use Adwords while you are trying to rank organically.  You will see immediate results, but it is not cheap.  You will pay per click each time someone clicks your search ad, so make sure the landing page they hit is designed properly to convert.

I suggest using a Google Certified Partner to execute your Adwords campaigns.  You could waste a lot of money trying to figure out Adwords and how to optimize their keyword phrase matching versus broad match.

Facebook Ads – Short Term

Facebook advertising is incredible for short term marketing wins.  We have great success running ads targeting custom audiences and interest groups.  Don’t confuse Facebook Ads with boosting page posts though.  I personally feel that page post boost are a waste of money if you are looking for clicks to a website.

I like ads with a purpose and measurable results.  We use ads to send people to targeted landing pages on our client’s websites and track the conversions.  The results are usually very impressive.

When deciding on how to plan your digital marketing strategy, make sure you implement all three tactics above for best results.


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