6 Simple SMS-Related Tips That Will Help Your Business Reach More People

6 Simple SMS-Related Tips That Will Help Your Business Reach More People

Text marketing is a growing subset of the digital marketing blitz, and it has been proven to help many business owners a great deal. Social media platforms, email newsletter blasts, and the like are, of course, crucial to a small business’ growth.

However, in a day and age wherein consumers expect companies to reach out to them directly all the time, keeping them up to date on the latest promos, sales, and new collection drops, then direct SMS marketing has grown in importance. Everyone hates telemarketers, but direct texting allows you to reach potential customers in the same way, but without the annoyance factor. The following are a few simple SMS-related tips to keep in mind when looking to spread the word about your business.

Sending Text Messages


Use Mass Texting

Slightly different than the single, one-on-one version of SMS texting is mass texting. An en masse texting blitz functions in some ways as an email newsletter, except it’s a bite-sized piece of information you want the consumer to know. These easy-to-digest tidbits allow you to notify people when there is a sale or special offer, for example. It also allows you to add an image to make the promotion seem more tangible, and also enticing. Use this when you want to notify people of a major Black Friday sale at your business, for example.

Quick Customer Service

A savvy business knows that most customers these days expect to receive personalized customer service whenever possible. Look for a helpful expert guide that can walk you through the process, and guide you on how to utilize SMS services to give your clients what they need. Basically, it helps you by saving time and answering questions and concerns via text, as opposed to a belabored phone call – which definitely takes more time and should only be used for a more complicated task. Using SMS messaging in this way can help you lower response time while also allowing you to build customer relationships and cultivate a loyal customer base.

Automated Campaigns

Maybe there are other bits of exciting news you would like to communicate to your customer base quickly and efficiently, and not just about a major sale. Automated SMS messaging allows you to do so in one easy fell swoop. Simply draft your messages in advance, then send them out at different predetermined times. This will help engagement with your posts go up tremendously, which will in turn influence your revenue stream.

Manage Sales Through Text

Another smart way to use SMS messaging in a manner that will help boost efficiency is using it to manage sales. This is an especially good way of circumventing the trouble that comes with operating a small business with limited capacity. Custom orders or even flash sales are good opportunities to use SMS to manage your e-commerce operations since it allows customers to buy things while on the go. You can even add an SMS payment link to make the process a lot smoother.

Close Sales

You know how so many people like to browse online and add things to their cart, but haven’t closed the deal yet? You can change that around via direct SMS messaging. These automated texts serve as gentle reminders, in the vein of “forgetting something? It can help customers know that you are interested in cultivating a one-on-one relationship with them, and also encourage them to make a purchase they were previously hesitant about. Adding an extra ten percent off in these messages also provides a compelling reason for customers to go back to their online cart, and make the purchase, which allows you to close more sales. SMS is different than email notices in that a much, much higher percentage of them are actually read, whereas emails are far easier to delete.

Get Better Leads

SMS campaigns are a smart way for you to plug into some crucial metadata points. For example, you may find out that the majority of your customers share a particular location. This would allow you to think of more ideas and different ways of catering to this specific subset of your clientele. This is a more targeted approach to metadata that you may not easily obtain through other, run-of-the-mill analytics campaigns.


People text day in and day out, and the world’s most popular apps are those that focus solely on this type of online social engagement. As a small business, you may be missing out on the valuable tools SMS campaigns can offer you to help you meet your sustainability goals and grow. This has become such a crucial form of communication that it makes complete sense to capitalize on it as best you can.


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