Social Media Link Building Tips From the Pros

Social Media Link Building Tips From the Pros


Social media plays a great role in the performance of your business. It affects many aspects, including marketing, sales, advertising, SEO, customer service, and more. The role of social media has now become undeniable; it is crucial to ensure the success of any business. Link building is another popular method when it comes to boosting your business’ SEO; you need to acquire as many great websites as you can to link back to your website, ultimately helping you become more visible. Imagine combining two of the most powerful tactics used in SEO: social media and link building. You can achieve amazing results. Read through this article to find out social media link-building tips from the pros.


Readable and Visible Content

When it comes to SEO, all professionals know that getting people to see your content can be one of the most major challenges or struggles. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that social media is flooded with numerous content of all kinds. This makes it really hard to reach the audience that would be interested in your content and be willing to give it a read. To promote your content, the text must be readable. This means that you should make sure that the text is interesting, error-free, and well-structured.

Even if you are producing content purely for SEO purposes, you should still make it engaging. Make sure to check out the type of content that your competitors produce. This will help you gain a competitive edge and understand the type of content that your audience would be interested in. Taking a look at other niche-related industry content will also give you insight into the content that receives the most engagement. Your ultimate goal while producing content is making it evergreen; timeless content can be constantly rediscovered. For instance, if you write about Christmas, the chances are that the link will be revisited every December. Search for websites in your industry and explore niche-related content communities where you can submit your content to gain more exposure. You can also do the same with social networks.

Use Your Social Profiles

Many people believe that social profiles are quite useless when it comes to SEO; this is typical because social media platform links are unfollowed. This includes even the most major platforms, like YouTube, Google Plus, Linked In, Tumblr, and Pinterest. While Reddit is the only exception, it may as well be impossible to market yourself on this platform. To be able to effectively market your product, the product has to be exceptionally useful or at least relevant to a specific sub-community. While all of this is highly relevant, you still can’t ditch using the links on your social media profiles just because they don’t follow. The link-building professionals at suggest that you keep in mind that the links on news feeds generate traffic, as well as the social signals, can be of great help. Including the link in the about tab, info, or bio, in any post along with pictures and videos, and your pinned posts, are a few ways in which you can use social media platforms to help with link-building.

Viral Content

Although it is one of the hardest ways to earn links, going viral can be the quickest and most rewarding way to do it. You will find that many social media crises, along with successful social media campaigns go viral every day. When this happens, the links appear on popular news outlets and sources, and other influential resources. Your links will continue getting exposure even when you don’t contribute further efforts. A lot of content goes viral by chance, while others are strategically curated by experts who intend to create exceptional content that would go viral. To increase your chances of doing so, try aiming all your social media content at young adults and teenagers. You should also make it a point to use social media to react to different real-time topics and situations. When you are creating content, you should always think outside the box. Be creative; content that doesn’t stand out will not go viral.


Any business’s social media efforts can either make or break its success. Without a powerful social media presence, you will not be able to grow or maintain your audience. Your social media activity is what sets you apart from your competitors. It is also what helps you connect with and understand your audience. Social media has become an indispensable aspect of the business world. Because everyone in the field knows the importance of SEO in terms of reachability and visibility, combining your link-building tactics with your social media efforts can yield great results.

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