Are you tracking lead conversion goals in analytics?

Are you tracking lead conversion goals in analytics?

If your goal is generating leads for the business, you need to track the source of each lead.

In one campaign we might have 20+ different possible sources for the leads.  Its in your best interest to know which ads are converting best to leads.  Sometimes we stop when we finish setting up ads and hit go on Facebook, AdWords, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.  Unless you are setting up a cost per acquisition ad, you are probably using pay per click advertising and tracking only the clicks each ad is sending to your page.  That is great.  We definitely want to see which ads are generating the most clicks, but if the goal of the campaign is generating leads AND optimizing the cost per lead, then you need to set up goal tracking.

With Facebook Ads you should be running multiple images and testing different copy on two or more ad sets.  If you tag ads properly, you will be able to see which ads are generating leads, not just clicks.

For example, in this Google Analytics screenshot below, we have a restaurant campaign for holiday parties.  We added tracking code to each ad describing the image in the ad.  As you can see the ad with a sculpture image has a 70% conversion rate from clicks to leads.  We’ll want to increase impressions on that ad and decrease the buffet image (18%).  That is what we did.  It helps us drop the cost per acquisition down by understanding which ads convert best.  You should also A/B test your landing pages.

If you need helping setting up your Analytics tracking for goals, contact us.

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