8 Best Social Proof Software Tools: Increase Conversions with Social Proof

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8 Best Social Proof Software Tools: Increase Conversions with Social Proof

If your website isn’t converting visitors, it may be time to invest in social proof! Social proof software can add more authenticity and trust to your website, so visitors are more likely to trust in your brand. The best social proof software can seriously improve conversions, leads, and sales, so it is a great investment for your business’ website! 

Many websites forget about trust factors like social proof, but this is an essential factor of CRO. Find the best social proof software tools to improve your conversion rate.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is also known as informational social influence. In marketing, social proof is used to improve conversions by getting visitors to trust your products or services. The idea behind social proof tools is that web visitors are more likely to trust your brand if they see that other customers have trusted it and been satisfied. 

Consumers are less likely to trust brands trying to sell to them, but they will trust their fellow consumers. By showing that other visitors have bought your product and enjoyed it, you’ll make new visitors trust that they won’t regret their purchase. 

Research has shown that 91% of people read reviews before making a purchase. Having reviews and social proof on your site will help improve trust right on your sales page, so users are less likely to leave your website and forget to come back. 

Use these social proof tools to gain visitor’s trust and increase conversions!

8 Best Social Proof Tools:

      1. ProveSource
      2. Boast
      3. Provely
      4. Fomo
      5. Proof
      6. Notifia 
      7. TrustPulse
      8. Nudgify



ProveSource is a comprehensive social proof toolkit. This software offers various types of social proof, so you can choose the method that best fits your website and products. It is compatible with various platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

With ProveSource, you can choose from several different snippets to share different types of information. A small box will pop up on your site whenever a visitor is on the page, sharing this information to show them that other visitors have purchased your products or services. 

ProveSource can stream individual actions, for example one that says something like “Erin from Australia just bought ProveSource!”. It can also display customer reviews, a real-time visitor counter, the number of visitors who made a purchase over a given time frame, the number of page visits, and more. You can customize your ProveSource snippet to show the information that is most relevant to your customers!


  • Easy set up
  • Various social proof options
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Customizable snippets
  • Social media counters and website counters



  • Free: Limited plan at no cost
  • Starter: $21/month, or $18/month billed annually
  • Growth: $54/month, or $45/month billed annually



ProveSource is a great way to gain visitors trust and increase conversions. Their free plan is a great way to test drive this tool before signing up for the full package to add social proof marketing to your site. 




Boast is the best social proof tool for collecting testimonials. Customer reviews are a great trust factors, but some are more convincing than others. A video testimonial is a strong piece of social proof, as it shows a real person talking about how much they love your brand. If you’re looking for convincing social proof, Boast is a great tool. 

Boast works by helping you add a testimonial submission form to your website, so clients and customers can easily submit their testimonials. It also helps to create a landing page for those testimonials with an easy embed code – you don’t need web design experience to add this software to your website! 

Boast can also help you ask customers for a testimonial, and track who you’ve contacted. Just ask happy customers to submit a testimonial and direct them to these pages. Edit and approve testimonials before they go up on the site so that they match your desired goals. You can even use Boast to push those testimonials out to your social channels.


  • Testimonial submission form
  • Testimonial editing and publishing
  • Easy to use
  • Track which customers have left reviews
  • Share testimonials to social media



  • Starter: $19/month, or $16/month billed annually
  • Basic: $49/month, or $41/month billed annually
  • Professional: $99/month, or $83/month billed annually
  • Premium: $199/month, or $166/month billed annually



If video testimonials are the best choice for your website, then Boast is your best option. It makes requesting, receiving, and publishing video testimonies easier than ever. 



Provely is another top pick for social proof. You only have to add one small piece of code to your site and this tool will help to improve your conversion rate – no coding experience needed. 

Similar to ProveSource, Provely uses small widgets that pop up on your website wherever you place them (typically the bottom left or right corner). You can design your widget to match your  website’s colors and choose what information it displays. It typically displays messages about sales or leads, like “John K. just signed up for Provely!” This can convince visitors that they can also trust the site and sign up themselves!

You can choose to show real-time activity, rotating activity, or past activity so that there’s always a new Provely widget popping up. Provely offers subtle social proof that won’t distract visitors, but may convince them to convert. 


  • Social proof widgets to display leads and sales
  • Customizable colors to match your brand
  • Various display options 
  • Easy to install 



  • Basic: $17/month or $97/year
  • Pro: $27/month or $147/year
  • Ultimate: $37/month or $196/year



Provely is an easily integrated social proof tool. It’s on the less expensive side, so if you’re looking to add some basic social proof, this is a great pick.



Fomo is another social proof marketing tool, named after the fear of missing out. The same principle of FOMO applies to social proof: when you see other people buying a product, you don’t want to miss out on something great.

Fomo is another social proof tool that creates unobstructive pop-up notifications on your website. You can customize pop-ups to show conversions and sales, or to display updates on how they’re using the product. This way customers don’t only see sales, but how customers are using the product or service. 

Fomo also offers great insights to see what pop-ups work the best for your website, so you can learn as you use this tool for social proof. It works in 27 languages and integrates with 100s of platforms like Zapier, Shopify, Hubspot, MailChimp, and many more. 


  • Customizable social proof pop-ups
  • Smart settings
  • Insights and analytics tracking
  • Lots of integrations 



  • Starter: $19/month
  • Essential: $39/month
  • Plus: $79/month
  • Advanced: $199/month

Sign up for a full year to save 30%, or click here to get 50% off your first month! 




Fomo is a great tool for social proof with a lot of unique features. For the price, you get lots of features, integrations, and a great, customizable social trust tool. 



Proof has two tools: Pulse, their social proof pop-ups, and Experiences, a personalized website experience for each visitor. Their Pulse tool boasts an average conversion increase of 10% for their customers.

Proof’s Pulse tool shows different stats to improve conversions, like “Hot Streaks” which shows how many new customers have converted in a certain period of time. You can also use this tool to show your visitor count of how many readers are live on your site, or show various recent activities taken. Proof is easy to set up and allows for customized options. 

Proof also offers advanced analytics, so you can track how their tool works. It also allows for A/B testing, so you can try two different pop-ups and see which works better. Their Experiences tool is also great for improving conversions by personalizing pages for specific visitors. 


  • Custom social proof settings
  • Easy set up
  • Analytics and A/B testing
  • Hot Streaks, Live Visitors, Actions, and more options 



  • Business: $129/month, or $108/month billed annually
  • Premium: $199/month, or $166/month billed annually
  • Platinum: $299/month, or $249/month billed annually
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing



Proof is another solid option for social proof on your website. It has great, customizable features and even better reporting, so you can continue to optimize your site for conversions. 



Notifia offers over 30 growth widgets that you can add to your site, including social proof widgets. You can create custom widgets and pop-ups for a variety of audiences and types of content. Create conversion feeds for the bottom of your page and more with this tool. 

Creating a custom widget is easy with Notifia, and you can even make it so that personalized pop-ups appear with help from cookies. Aside from the standard social proof pop-up, there are also email collection widgets, call to action cards, spin to win discount games, blog promotion pop-ups, and many, many more. 

Notifia widgets are simple to create, and you can customize the location, color, copy, and more. This tool is multilingual, so it will match your visitor’s preferred language. It integrates with 1500+ apps due to its open API, and you don’t need any coding experience to seriously improve your website.


  • 30+ customizable widgets
  • Social proof and various other pop-ups
  • Easy to create and customize
  • Open API and plenty of integrations



  • Growth: $9/month,  pay per widget
  • Unlimited: $49/month, unlimited widgets



Notifia is a great website tool in general, and it works well for social proof. If you’re looking for a social proof software but could also use the various widgets offered by Notifia, this is a great product to invest in for your site. 



TrustPulse is another premium social proof app. It claims to increase site conversions by 15% on average, offering real results to improve your site. 

TrustPulse is very similar to most of the social proof tools on this list. It creates a scrolling pop-up at the bottom of your site that shows customer actions, so visitors can see that other people trust your brand. It’s easy to set up, so your website will showcase purchases, signups, and other activities in no time. 

TrustPulse also has great smart targeting features, so it will analyze visitors and show social proof at the right time. It provides real-time tracking that can improve conversions. You can use TrustPulse out-of-the-box, or customize every aspect to best suit your website’s needs. 


  • Real-time activity tracking pop-ups
  • Smart targeting and custom triggers
  • Flexible design
  • Actionable analytics



  • Basic: $39.50/year
  • Plus: $99.50/year
  • Pro: $199.50/year
  • Growth: $299.50/year



TrustPulse is another great social proof tool, and it’s one of the most affordable! 



Nudgify is social proof app that focuses on adding real-world context to your website. Rather than the usual “recently bought” or “viewed by” templates, Nudgify offers its users a wide range of notifications (called “Nudges”). The idea is to make browsing your website feel more like visiting a real store.

You can display your best reviews from Trustpilot or Google Business, integrate your Nudges with other apps to show different kinds of activity, or create your own notifications with custom images and links.


  • A full suite of customizable notifications
  • Adjustable styles and behaviours
  • 100s of integrations with other apps
  • Notifications tailored to your industry and goals



  • Lite: $0.99/month
  • Genius: $29/month
  • Enterprise: (Request a quote)


Sign up for a full year to save 20% on any Genius plan

Get instant access to Nudgify for 7 days with a free trial


Nudgify is a simple, elegant way to add depth and interest to your website. The features make it a flexible solution, it doesn’t slow down your page loading time, and the support is great.


Final Thoughts

Social proof is a relatively inexpensive investment, and it can seriously improve your conversions for a great ROI. Look into these social proof software tools to find the best one for your website and see how social trust improves your sign ups, sales, and more!

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