Does my website need SEO?

Does my website need SEO?

This a great question and one that all business owners/mangers should ask themselves.

First thing to do is Analyze Your Website

I like to ask a few different questions first though.

  1. Are you happy with the amount of business revenue you are currently generating?
    1. If yes, congrats and pat yourself on the back, because you are the 1%.  Most people could always use more business.
    2. If no, read question #2
  2. Do you have a marketing plan?
    1. Seems like a simple question, but the majority of businesses do NOT.  I’ve worked with small and even large multi-million dollar businesses that do not have a marketing plan.  Usually they just randomly spend money on ads and other services they are sold.  Later unknowing if it worked or not
    2. The plan can start with the basics, a measurement plan.
      1. What are the business goals and objectives
      2. What are the strategies & tactics
      3. What are the key performance indicators 
      4. What are the targets to call it a success or not
      5. Segment the data.  Into campaign or traffic sources, geography, etc
  3. When your potential customers are searching for services or products you offer, are they finding you or a competitor first?
    1. Unless they’re already a customer, over 85% of consumers use online search for things they need, like your business.  What do they find?
    2. Test this by going to and searching for your city name and your business type just like a potential customer.  Example: Philadelphia Restaurants or bucks county accounting services
  4. Are you tracking your marketing and advertising efforts down to the click or call to see which sources are generating the leads/sales to help grow your business?
    1. Most businesses know they are getting requests, leads, calls, inquiries and sales, but most have no idea where they are exactly coming from.  If you did know, you would invest more into that source.
    2. This is called marketing attribution and its a way of giving credit to the sources that directly or assisted in generating the leads/sale.  Using Google analytics and some link tagging can help achieve this.

So as we revisit the initial question, “Does my website need SEO?“, we should think bigger and say “Do I need help with my digital marketing?”  If you answered NO to any of the above questions, the answer is most certainly, yes.

SEO can be a segment of the digital marketing plan once we figure out what to focus on.

Its important to note SEO is a long term focus.  Its a marathon, not a sprint.  Focusing on quality content and quality links to your site will increase your search results over time based on your business objectives and services/products offered.  Beware of SEO companies that promise thousands of backlinks and #1 in the search results fast.  Know it takes at least 6 to 12 months to see significant results from proper SEO.  You can pay for top results with Google Adwords if you need results fast.


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