Does SSL Improve SEO

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Does SSL Improve SEO

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer gives your website extra protection to help keep your data and your customers’ data safe. Does SSL Improve SEO? There was a time where sites only needed SSL for SEO if they were going to have people make purchases on the site. That has changed.


Google now uses SSL as part of its SEO ranking. As it becomes easier to get SSL, fewer pages don’t have it. Currently, more than 69% of sites use SSL. Even if your site has no financial information, adding an SSL will help give you better SEO.

Positive Effects of SSL

There are many reasons that people use SSL now when figuring out SEO. You can add it to your site easier now than ever before. Here are some of the factors that have caused people to get SSL.

Your Customers Are Safer

Whether or not visitors to your site are making purchases, SSL adds extra security to your site. It does this by adding encryption, helping with data integrity, and having authentication to build trust.

Be Listed as Secure By Google

Google search now lists sites that don’t have SSL as not secure. If customers don’t understand computers very well, seeing a page that says not secure can cause them not to use the site. Some users refuse to click on pages that say they are not secure, believing they are dangerous.


Even though that isn’t what not secure means, it can give your page an unsafe appearance that will lead to people not visiting your site. Adding SSL gets rid of this label, which can help get more people to your site.

It Can Give You the SEO Tie-Breaker

Google has stated that SSL can help with ties in SEO. If you and a competitor are the same in every respect, SSL will put you over the top. Even if the change isn’t much, being above other sites can help you get extra clicks.

How To Get an SSL

There are a few different ways to get an SSL for your site and improve your SEO. One of the most common ways is to get it from your current web host. It is usually a free option, and all you have to do is choose to activate it.


If you don’t have a host or your host doesn’t offer an SSL, you can get one from a certificate authority. Once you get the SSL, you can put it on your host and gain all SSL benefits.


SSL has become very important for SEO recently. Even beyond SEO, not having an SSL can cause people to skip using your site because they don’t trust it. Switching your site to SSL is easy and free.


Does SSL Improve SEO? Yes, it does. Even if your site doesn’t need the extra security, adding SSL is a quick and easy way to improve your SEO. It may take a little time to set up, but it will likely help your site get more traffic.


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