How To Get Followers on TikTok and Grow Your Audience

How To Get Followers on TikTok and Grow Your Audience

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media networks, especially among younger generations. This platform is known for its short videos, often depicting dances and other popular challenges. 

While some may view TikTok as a Gen Z social media platform that’s just for fun, major brands are moving to TikTok to capitalize on the large audience now on the app. As of April 2020, TikTok has 800 million worldwide users

Whether you’re using TikTok to join in on fun dance challenges or to promote your brand, you’ll need followers if you want anyone to see your content. Learn how to get TikTok followers so that you can go viral on this popular new platform! 

How To Become TikTok Famous 

      1. Pick Your Target Audience
      2. Use a TikTok Growth Service
      3. Follow TikTok Trends
      4. Use Hashtags
      5. Create your own Trend, Dance, or Challenge
      6. Promote on Other Channels 
      7. Use Calls to Action


Pick your Target Audience

If you want to get more followers on TikTok, it’s good to know what kind of followers you’re targeting. While you may not be picky about who follows you so long as the number goes up, having a targeted strategy will make it easier to focus on growth.

Figure out who your target followers are. If you’re on TikTok for fun, your target audience is probably people your age with the same sense of humor or interests. Consider what those interests are and what kind of content you would be interested in seeing. If there are popular TikTok users that post similar content, you may share the same target audience. Target the followers of complementary accounts or use the same strategies as your favorite TikTokkers!

If you are a brand promoting on TikTok, your target audience should be the same as your other social media audiences. For example, a female clothing brand would target women and girls interested in buying their clothes, similar to their standard marketing strategy. Consider your target demographic for your business and try to create content on TikTok that would appeal to those users! 

TikTok is made up of a younger audience, but there are users of all ages. If your brand wants to reach teens and young adults, however, TikTok is a great platform for those users. 41% of TikTok users are between ages 16 to 24, so any brands targeting that age group can benefit from promoting on this platform. 



Use a TikTok Growth Service

If you’re serious about getting followers fast, consider trying a TikTok growth tool. There are tools and services out there that can help attract TikTok followers without any work on your part. All you have to do is post great content that matches your brand and your target audience, and these tools will do the rest. Check out our favorite TikTok growth services! 

These are the Best TikTok Follower Tools:

      1. Social Buddy 
      2. TokUpgrade
      3. Social-Viral 
      4. Media Misters
      5. Feed Pixel 


Social Buddy

social buddy tiktok growth service

Social Buddy is our #1 pick for a TikTok growth service. This tool uses advanced social media marketing to help organically increase your TikTok followers. Social Buddy ensures real, targeted followers, with no bots or fake accounts. 

Social Buddy uses advanced targeting to help find followers who are actually interested in your videos, so they’ll be more likely to follow, like, and share your content. They use targeting metrics like niche, industry, competitors, complementary accounts, and relevant hashtags to find the users that best match your content and interests.

This growth tool helps your account get noticed by real users, so as long as you’re posting interesting, targeted content, they should follow you! Social Buddy makes it easy to grow your TikTok – all you have to do is focus on creating great videos. 


  • Organic growth
  • Real TikTok followers
  • Advanced targeting 
  • Competitor targeting 
  • Dedicated account manager and customer support





TokUpgrade is another TikTok growth service that helps users become TikTok famous! This fully managed service takes on your TikTok follower growth for you. TokUpgrade gets you real, relevant followers who will not only increase your number of followers, but also improve engagement rates

TokUpgrade targets your future followers based on who follows your competitors, specific usernames you want to target, and influencers in your industry. The service then auto-engages on your behalf, liking other people’s videos so that they engage with your account back. 

TokUpgrade will increase your exposure on TikTok and slowly, help your audience grow. Over time, you’ll get real followers with actual interest in your videos.


  • Gain TikTok followers
  • Advanced targeting
  • Target specific usernames
  • Auto-engagements
  • Blacklist certain accounts and keywords
  • Dedicated account manager
  • No bots 




social viral

Social-Viral makes it easy to become TikTok famous. With this tool, you can buy TikTok followers at an extremely low rate. This service sends you high quality followers without even requiring your password or login information. 

Social-Viral is a growth tool for all social media, so you can use it to buy TikTok followers or use it on another account. It works with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify as well. Social-Viral gives you followers instantly, so there’s no waiting for your account to grow. 

This tool gives you the benefit of instant followers for an extremely cheap price. You can get 100s of followers for only a few dollars with Social-Viral. You can also buy likes and views on TikTok so that your videos go viral. 


  • Buy TikTok followers, likes, and views
  • Affordable 
  • Authentic followers 
  • Speedy delivery 
  • Followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify as well



Media Mister

media mister

Media Mister is another tool for growing your TikTok account. This social media tool also works for anyone looking to improve the performance of their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest, and more. You can buy followers, likes, views, and more for each platform.

For those looking for TikTok growth, Media Mister can instantly send you followers, likes, and views. Ordering is easy with Media Mister – all you do is choose the number of followers, likes, or views, you want, and supply the link to your TikTok profile or specific video you want to target.

Media Mister does not offer organic growth or real engagements, but it is an extremely fast way to boost your TikTok into fame.


  • Buy TikTok followers
  • Buy TikTok likes and views
  • Fast delivery based on number of followers
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Works with most social channels



Feed Pixel

feed pixel

Feed Pixel is another social media management platform for various social networks, including TikTok. This tool can bring likes, views, followers, and more to your social accounts. 

Feed Pixel is available in 150 marketplaces and 75 languages, so this tool works well for anyone. Their TikTok growth option includes likes and views, as this can boost your social status and help your posts go viral without buying followers. There is also the option to buy followers directly, of course. You can even buy shares to improve engagement metrics.

Feed Pixel is an extremely affordable option to buy TikTok followers and engagement. Choose one of their bundles to save 30%. 


  • Buy TikTok followers, views, shares, and likes
  • Available in 150 marketplaces and 75 languages 
  • Affordable 
  • Fast delivery
  • 24/7 support



Follow TikTok Trends

On TikTok, there are common trends to follow and replicate. These include challenges, dances, and more. Many TikTok users will perform popular dances to songs like “Savage” or “Say So”.  There are also challenges like the “Flip the Switch” challenge as shown below. 

These trends and challenges are a great way to attract more users to your TikTok page. When a certain challenge, dance, or topic is trending, many users will look through those topics or hashtags. Jumping on the bandwagon of a popular trend can improve your visibility and bring more potential followers to your TikToks! 



Use Hashtags

Hashtags are useful on all social networks, including TikTok. Using a relevant hashtag makes it easier for TikTok users to find your posts, especially if they are interested in your hashtag or topic. For example, if you run a makeup brand or post makeup tutorials, using #makeup or other makeup related hashtags can attract users looking for the type of content you’re posting. These users are more likely to be interested in your posts and may choose to follow you if they like your videos! 

Research popular hashtags on TikTok to find the ones that are most popular and relevant to your brand or your target audience. Don’t use a popular hashtag just because it’s popular, however – if it doesn’t make sense in relation to your videos, it won’t bring you any new followers. 

Many TikTok users include the hashtag #fyp on their posts . This acronym means “For You page”, referring to the “For You” tab on TikTok that provides user specific videos depending on your preferences, interests, and who you follow. Many users include the #fyp hashtag in hopes of getting their content shared on the For You page. This can bring huge visibility to your posts, similar to Instagram’s Explore tab. 



Create your own Trend, Dance, or Challenge

Another way to attract followers to your TikTok account is to create your own trend and encourage others to join in! This may be difficult if you’re starting with very few followers, so this tip is better for those with a decent follower base who are looking to grow more. 

This strategy has worked well, especially for larger brands. One example is Guess’ #InMyDenim challenge, or Colgate’s #MakeMomSmile challenge. Creating your own challenge and encouraging others to participate can bring more brand awareness. It also gives you user-generated content to share on your feed to bring even more followers and likes. 



Promote on Other Channels

Promote your TikTok account and share videos across other social media platforms. Many TikToks go viral after being shared on different channels like Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to share your content across channels and include links to your TikTok page so that people can find and follow you! 



Use Calls to Actions 

If you want people to follow you, say so! Using calls to action can help encourage users to like your videos, follow you, or take other actions. Ask fellow TikTok users to follow you if they like your videos, or hold challenges and ask them to follow to enter! If you hold giveaways, you can even get people to follow, like, and tag friends in your videos to get even more followers to your account.


Final Thoughts

TikTok is the new video platform that keeps growing. Get more TikTok followers so that you can join in on the latest trends and promote your brand on this popular social network.

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