Increasing Traffic and Leads with SEO + Content


Increasing Traffic and Leads with SEO + Content

About the Client

Platform: WordPress
Niche: Recruiting & HR
Goals: Increase Organic Search Traffic, Increase Resume Submissions, Increase Job Orders
Strategy: On-page Optimization, Content & Link Building

About the Campaign

This client is a recruiting and staffing agency with locations in Philadelphia, NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut and Boston. They had just completed a brand new site overhaul with a custom site built on WordPress, but they weren’t seeing the traffic and leads they wanted to come through organic search. 

This particular client had a few separate goals.

  1. Increase organic search traffic
  2. Increase resume submissions to add to their database 
  3. Increase leads for job orders

After a quick analysis, it was clear that the site was lacking in content and needed an aggressive SEO plan put in place in order to start ranking quickly. 

Our Strategy

In order to put together the best strategy, we needed to really understand the client’s business and the staffing and recruiting industry. We did a competitive analysis of other successful recruiting companies that were dominating the SERPs to determine what our on-page and content strategy should look like. 

It was also important for us to understand the types of jobs the client wanted to fill, what industries they worked in, and what industries were most important to them.

On-Page Optimization

Our on-page optimization first started with a cleanup of the landing pages that were already created. This is always one of the first steps we take when taking on a client. 

For each industry and location, we had two different target audiences; potential clients looking to fill open positions and qualified candidates for those positions. Each of these audiences searches different terms, so our on page strategy had to align with each searcher’s intent. 

The candidate may search for something like “accounting jobs in philadelphia” while a potential client might search “accounting recruiter philadelphia”. This meant we had to build two separate strategies in order to rank in search results. 

We then mapped out the different industries and created silos for each location and industry the client wanted to rank. This strategy ended up working out greatly for the client; they’re now dominating the SERPs for over 160 keywords related to the recruiting and temporary staffing industry. 


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Content is King! 

After our initial competitive research it was clear that in order to rank, this client needed to pump out topically relevant content on an ongoing basis. We decided to publish one article a week that would also help support other conversion landing pages that we were building. 

The content kept the sight fresh, added relevance, and kept Google bots constantly crawling the site. 

Link Building

As with most of our campaigns, link building was one of our top priorities. This client started off with low authority, so we focused on the basics. 

We focused on building general directory listings for each location to improve rankings in the maps for the major cities where they had a physical office. Having these directories built out for each location helped the client rank for terms like “philadelphia recruiter” in the map pack. 

Summary Results

This campaign started in October 2017, and since then the client has jumped up over 8,000 spots in organic search results.

They’re ranking on page one for over 160 keywords relevant to their niche and are bringing in about 6,000 users per month to the site. 

All of this new traffic has lead to the submission of over 3,000 resumes to be added to the client’s candidate database. 

What We Learned

This campaign showed us that having a comprehensive SEO campaign can have a significant impact on a client’s organic traffic and organic leads. Implementing a cohesive off-page, on-page, and content strategy really helped this client’s rankings take off. 

In SEO we’re constantly up against Google’s algorithm updates and your competitors. Having a seamless SEO strategy paired up with content can help you outrank your competitors and adds topical relevance that helps Google recognize your site’s authority in your industry.

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