Reasons Why TV Advertising is Still Relevant

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Reasons Why TV Advertising is Still Relevant

Even though we are currently living in the era of the internet, social media platforms, and mobile phones, it doesn’t mean that TV is no longer relevant. On the contrary. No matter what happens in the world when it comes to technological advancements, TV is always going to be popular.

Why is that? Well, that’s because a majority of people are prone to turning on their favorite channel when they want to escape from their stressful reality, especially now, during the pandemic.

Therefore, if you have a company that needs a bit of advertising, it wouldn’t hurt to consider placing an ad on TV. When it’s done properly, it can be extremely effective and even awaken some emotional connection. So what are other advantages of television advertising?

Reasons To Opt For TV Promoting


TV Ads Can Be Very Effective


Namely, cable TV has made a variety of different channels intended for a lot of specific audiences. Nowadays, TV ads no longer have to run during the most famous events, such as the Super Bowl in order to be effective and make an impact.

Targeting video advertisements is one of the biggest reasons why people choose the internet as another alternative. Namely, local digital publications can place ads that are aiming at local customers, while niche sites can also run profitable ad campaigns to make use of the more blistering audience engagement on these websites.

That’s why a combination of popular television with the target reach of high-quality websites is an impeccable mixture that should always be taken into consideration when you wish to advertise something.

More And More People Spend Time In Front Of TV


According to some research conducted by Ipsos, Americans are starting to watch TV more and more, especially comedy, dramas, and action movies to reduce stress as much as they can. Advertising gurus at The Empire Group highlighted that this whole situation, regarding COVID-19 (restrictions, working from home, etc) has led to increased TV viewing. At the end of the day, TV viewing is still perceived as a communal experience that has managed to attract a broader audience in the past couple of decades.

What Are Other Reasons Worth Considering?


Strongest Influence


No matter how other mediums are impactful, no other is as strong and has the longevity as the television has. Namely, most people want to gather information about the latest products because of TV rather than any other source of information.

A perfect blend of visual and audio elements easily reaches viewers. That’s why if you create a high-quality television campaign you will be able to efficiently reach new customers, attract new supporters and also grab market share.

TV Equals Action


A recent survey conducted in the UK showcased that ten percent of consumers have decided to search for products on the internet after seeing a television ad or sponsorship. Even younger people, ages from sixteen to twenty-four develop an interest in a certain item after they have seen it on the television.

Furthermore, TV programs were one of the biggest reasons why people decided to obtain something. What’s interesting is that mobile applications managed to persuade only about two percent of people to take action after seeing a particular product on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Advertising on TV is, as we previously stated, still pretty powerful, due to the fact that an average person spends approximately four hours each day in front of their TV. Although the online world is also very popular and high-in-demand, generally speaking, people spend around three to four minutes per day watching YouTube or Facebook

Many marketing wizards discovered that cross-pollination between the TV and online world has helped them develop effective and convincing ad campaigns and strategies. So if you want to advertise your online shop or website, it would be recommendable to opt for the world of TV advertising.



Do you even know how much it costs to have your own commercial? If you comprehend and analyze your target market and develop a powerful and efficient network, you will quickly realize that TV is extremely cost-effective.

Namely, large budgets are not necessary when it comes to television. That’s one of the reasons why TV is receiving the biggest portion of advertising money every single year. Moreover, major marketers are familiar with the value of television and that’s why they are putting it to cost-effective use.


Television is a medium that will never go out of style no matter how powerful other more contemporary mediums are. That’s why advertising yourself or your product on TV can only be perceived as a wise decision.


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