Best Website Heatmap Tools: Heatmap Software for Websites 

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Best Website Heatmap Tools: Heatmap Software for Websites 

Your business’ website is an important asset, so it’s useful to regularly audit and improve upon your site. Many digital marketers and online businesses use heatmap software to learn more about how customers navigate their websites and improve your conversion rate.

Website heatmap tools track customer journeys and show you the areas where customers are most likely to click, scroll, read, and how they move from page to page. Heatmappers can reveal what areas of your website receive the most attention, so you can optimize your site’s design, layout, and content to improve user experience, sales, and conversions.

Top 7 Heatmap Generators

We’ve done the research and found the best heatmap generators for websites in 2020. The best heatmap tools will help you learn more about customer journeys so that you can increase conversions on your website. 

These are the Best Heatmap Tools: 

      1. Inspectlet
      2. Smartlook
      3. Hotjar
      4. Lucky Orange
      5. VWO
      6. SeeVolution
      7. Crazy Egg



inspectlet heatmap tool

Inspectlet is one of the best softwares to improve conversions and learn more about how visitors use your website. This user friendly tool has dynamic heatmaps that can track not only clicks on your website, but what content visitors are reading based on where their mouse scrolls. 

The Inspectlet heatmap tool also provide scroll maps that show how far users scroll on a page, also called scroll depth. Scroll depth be useful to show what they’re missing; if your CTA is at the bottom of the page, many users might not read that far. 

Aside from maps, Inspectlet also provides individual website visitor recordings, so you can see the exact steps that individual users take on your site and their decision making process when purchasing. This feature gives you the ability to essentially watch over your visitor’s shoulders, with recordings for each individual that visits your site. 


  • Dynamic heatmaps for clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements
  • Individual session recording
  • Tag sessions and users to identify individual users or common actions 
  • Powerful session filtering
  • A/B testing 
  • Multivariate testing and tracking
  • Form analytics
  • Error logging
  • Free trial



  • Easy to use and set up
  • Comprehensive click tracking function with clicks, cursor, and scrolls tracked 
  • Also tracks user sessions and form submission data
  • Affordable



  • Recordings are only stored for 60 days 
  • Dashboard could be more intuitively designed



Inspectlet is one of the best heatmap tools for seeing how visitors navigate your website, both due to its heatmap capabilities, session recordings, and more. If you’re looking for conversion optimization, this heatmap tool allows you to see through the eyes of website visitors. 




smartlook heatmap tools

Smartlook helps you analyze user behavior on your website or on your mobile app. This heatmapping tool makes comprehensive heatmaps, including retroactive ones with older data. You can filter and segment the generated heat maps based on type of user (new vs. returning), device used, and more. 

Smartlook’s heatmap tool also offers individual session recording, so you can see each customer’s journey. The advanced filtering on session recordings can sort your recordings by 30 different filters. You can track sessions by the URL that brought them to the site, their location, the date, duration of time on the website, and much more.

You can also filter web analytics from Smartlook’s heat map software via events; this platform offers event statistics, breakdowns, and more to learn how users experience your website. You can even see where leads fall out of the sales funnel and create funnel triggers based on specific events.


  • Click, move, and scroll heatmaps
  • Heatmaps from retroactive data
  • Advanced filtering and segmenting of heatmaps
  • Individual user recordings
  • Advanced session filtering with 30 factors 
  • Visitor journey tracking
  • Identify individual users via cookies 
  • Event tracking and statistics
  • Funnel information and creation
  • Website analytics
  • Works with various 3rd party integrations
  • GDPR compliant
  • Free trial



  • Advanced maps and filtering 
  • Session recording with advanced filtering
  • Impressive event tracking 
  • Robust analytics
  • Easy to use



  • Free trial offers limited functionality
  • Doesn’t always work well with custom websites



Smartlook is one of the best heatmappers and user analytics tools out there. This is a great software to learn more about your users and how your website performs. 




hotjar heatmap tool

Hotjar is one of the most popular CRO softwares, and for good reason. This platform is great for collecting user heatmaps, recording individual website sessions, tracking conversion funnels, and more. 

Hotjar’s heatmap tool can help improve UX by assessing how users interact with your website. Their heatmap feature tracks clicks, movements, and scroll maps, and it can be filtered by type of device used. You can visualize user behavior with this function, and Hotjar even allows you to download and share reports. 

Aside from the click heatmaps, Hotjar also records visitors on your website to assess their behavior. You can tag users to track their movements, search for specific events, and more. You can also track form submissions and see where users fall off before converting to learn how to retarget them. 


  • Click, move, and scroll heatmaps
  • Individual visitor recordings
  • Advanced filtering
  • Conversion tracking within sales funnel
  • User tagging
  • Form analysis
  • Feedback polls with various question types and reports 
  • Instant visual feedback
  • Surveys
  • Powerful targeting
  • GDPR and CCPA ready
  • Seamless third party integrations
  • Free trial



  • Advanced user click tracking, session recording, and behavior analytics
  • Conversion optimization tracking to learn why users don’t buy 
  • Feedback options



  • Expensive
  • Some complaints of recordings ending early 


Hotjar is one of the best known heatmap tools for assessing improving your website pages, and they’re certainly one of the best. If you’re committed to improving CRO on your website, Hotjar is a good investment.


Lucky Orange 

lucky orange

Lucky Orange is another great website heatmap tool to track mouse movement and more on your site. This software does a wide range of conversion optimization tasks, but it is known for the heatmap generator. Lucky Orange create dynamic click heatmaps to track users journeys across your site.

The heatmap feature is fully interactive, so you can watch in real-time as users navigate your website landing pages. This tracks clicks, moves, and scrolls, as well as things like hovering over drop down menus. You can segment users based on how they reached your website, what device they’re using, and more.

Lucky Orange has many other features aside from their heat mapping ability. This heatmap software also takes individual session recordings, tracks abandonment issues in conversion funnels, provides form analytics, polls, and more. Their analytics offer actionable insights to improve conversions.


  • Interactive thermal maps for clicks, scrolls, movements, and more
  • User segmentation
  • Individual element analytics
  • Session recording
  • Live chat support
  • Conversion funnel creation
  • Form analytics
  • Abandonment reports
  • Polls
  • Free trial



  • Interactive, real-time heat maps
  • Conversion funnel creation and reporting
  • User segmentation and individual element analytics to break down large amounts of data



  • Slight learning curve; dashboard could be easier to navigate
  • Plans come with all features, can’t pick and choose plan functionality



Lucky Orange is a great way to learn more about your website pages and improve upon them. This is one of the most affordable heatmap tool options to tracking visitor behavior. 





VWO is a marketing platform with a lot of capabilities, including a great heatmapping tool. They offer various products, and one of their packages is VWO Insights. This product includes a heatmap software, session recordings, funnels, on-page surveys, form analytics, and more.

VWO’s click mapping function helps visualize visitor behavior on your website. You can see where users clicked, scrolled, hovered, and more. This heatmap tool allows you to analyze behavior and segment it based on over 20 different factors such as whether they’re a new or returning visitor, their browser, location, device, and other options.

The VWO Insights product also reveals funnels and visualizes how visitors move through the sales funnel. You can also watch session replays, add on-page surveys to collect feedback, and more. The other VWO products can complete your toolbox, with features like advanced testing, engagement campaigns, planning tools, and much more.


  • Heatmap reports
  • Session recording
  • Advanced segmentation with over 20 factors
  • Funnel tracking to uncover conversion leaks
  • On-page surveys
  • Form analytics
  • A/B testing, multivariate testing, and split URL testing
  • Planning insights 
  • Free trial



  • Heatmaps with actionable insights
  • Advanced segmentation to break down individual reports
  • Impressive testing 
  • Funnel tracking



  • Data is not stored forever
  • Some complaints of VWO slowing down website performance



VWO is a great host of tools to learn more about your website and its users. This is a good choice if you need to map out where users click, scroll, and move on your site. 





SeeVolution offers live customer experience web analytics, so you can learn more about your audience. Their live heatmap feature can track customer journeys to see how they engage with your website and what you can do to keep them on your site for longer. 

SeeVolution’s heatmap tools look at click tracking, eye tracking via mouse movements, and attention scroll tracking to see how far down a page they read. It also allows for “backstage views” where you can mark a specific area on your website for an in-depth breakdown of specific website elements. 

SeeVolution also tracks individual sessions, so you can see a personal view of UX. Filter recorded sessions by location, number of pages viewed, session duration, and more to dive deep into analytics. This platform also offers asset analysis to assess your web forms, images, and links based on user interaction.


  • Click, eye, and scroll tracking 
  • Backstage views for one section heatmap
  • Advanced filtering 
  • Session recordings
  • Asset analysis for forms, images, and links 
  • Goal-based analytics
  • Live clicks map
  • Free trial



  • Affordable 
  • In-depth heatmaps
  • Conversion based analytics



  • No info on unique vs. returning visitors
  • Lacks some functionality of competitors



SeeVolution is a great pick for someone on a budget who wants a focused heatmap tool. This software doesn’t have as many features as others, but it has dedicated heat map and funnel analytics that work well so you can see how users interact with your website.


Crazy Egg 

crazy egg

Crazy Egg is a well respected digital marketing tool that analyzes your website’s performance and user navigation on the site. This popular platform has a dedicated heat map tool for creating visual reports to show where users click, scroll, and move on your website. It also has a host of other features to act upon those reports.

Crazy Egg offers individual snapshots of user behavior, including website snapshots, scroll map reports, and more. Their “confetti heatmap snapshots” show a more precise look at individual clicks, which are color-coded and can be segmented by various metrics.

Their website overlay click percent reports show the percentage breakdown of clicks on web page elements.  The list report offers a numerical look at the number of clicks per element.

Aside from click maps, Crazy Egg also records sessions of individual users for a closer look at unique visitor journeys. Once you’ve used snapshots and recordings to learn more about your audience, use A/B testing and optimization to make improvements.


  • Heat map reports for clicks and scrolling
  • Confetti snapshots
  • Website overlay click percent reports
  • List reports 
  • Session replay
  • A/B testing and auto-optimization 
  • Integrations
  • Free trial



  • Detailed on-page user reports
  • Lots of ways to assess heat maps 
  • Testing to take action after analyzing reports



  • Pricing based on number of visitors can get expensive



Crazy Egg is a robust solution for learning how users engage with your website, and their A/B testing is an easy way to test out what you learn, but it can quickly become expensive. If you can fit it in your budget, this is one of the best heatmap tools.



What are Website Heatmaps? 

A website heatmap uses a visual report to show how users engage with your website. Heatmaps can show clicks, mouse movement, scrolls, and more. Different areas of the map will show different colors, much like a thermal map, to show where visitors click the most and what areas of the site they are not engaging with.

With heatmapping tools, you can track each mouse movement to gain insights into website visitor’s decision making process on your website. Improve upon each web page by analyzing user activity through mouse cursor heatmaps show where they are interested and what they may be missing on your website.

Heatmaps are useful because they show you how visitors view your website, giving you direct insights into user experience. If a certain part of your website is not getting the attention you hoped for, you can change the content, layout, or any other aspect of the page to improve.

These are a great way to improve conversion rates on your website, as you can optimize to make sure that visitors are clicking the right buttons and seeing your calls to action.

Final Thoughts

Use the best heatmap software to learn more about user experience on your website and make improvements where necessary. Consider these heatmap tools to improve user experience based on each website visitor and their actions on your web pages.

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